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Voice search SEO is important

According to OC & C Strategy Consultants, voice search will be the next life-changing weapon in the near future. It is expected to achieve a 40 billion dollar aisle by 2022. If you don’t know what exactly is voice search and how it is changing the digital media marketing landscape, continue reading further.

What is voice search and how consumers use it?

Voice search is a newborn technology that enables your voice to initiate commands or searches. In today’s era, voice search is a well-renowned term and has been used for a long time.

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Have you ever noticed a mic icon while you search on Google? That is the option for voice search.

You can find many voice assistant devices and programs, like Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. All of these programs run on the speech-to-text element, this feature is also known as the voice dialing tool.

In a recent study, the statistics amazed the marketers and established a newfound love for smart speakers. It is expected that smart speakers will be undertaking the electronic market and will generate more than 30 billion dollar sales all across the globe by 2024.

What is voice search for SEO?

Voice search is the easiest way to command your device. SEO for voice is the latest contribution to technology. Google search works more like an answering machine nowadays. Voice search SEO optimizes your website to enable speech to text features.

With the advancement of technology, voice search is becoming more essential every day. If your website is optimized for voice search, it will have more traffic than other websites.

Voice search enables your website to opt artificial intelligence for all the work that needs to click and tap. After optimizing most of the work will be done just by the consumer’s voice.

Why is voice search SEO important?

As we know, with time, marketing strategy changes and a change mostly brings back a new element. Voice search SEO is a new element that is changing the landscape of digital marketing. If you want to keep your marketing game up, try to blend yourself according to the latest trend.

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Before optimizing voice search, first, you will need to pass the Google mobile-friendly test for achieving a good rank in google search engine. All you need is keeping your SEO strategy really high by using a voice search for your website.

Few points to explain the importance of voice search SEO

  • Voice search enables specific results that make it more user friendly. The whole process becomes smooth and faster.
  • SEO is important for visibility and voice adds up more traffic.
  • Voice search SEO optimizes your website content in a way that helps digital assistance to navigate your content to the customers.
  • It also helps in building quality content and keywords that make your website feature on the first page of any search engine.

Some statistics on voice search SEO

  • According to Gartner, 30% of all web searches will be screenless because of the voice search.
  • 43% of smartphone users utilize voice searches to carry out purchases.

Tips to optimize your website for voice search

Find voice search keywords

According to SEO clarity, 20% of all web searches include a specific set of keywords. Keywords play an important role in website visibility.

While researching keywords for voice search SEO keep the below-mentioned points in mind.

  • Always keep words that are used for asking questions or follow the 4W1H formula. ( what, when, why, where, how)
  • Do not ignore the long tail keyword. People tend to speak more in voice searches and long keywords can be very helpful to attract traffic.
  • Voice search is mostly an interactive question-answer session. So incorporate filler words in your keyword. Filler words like the, on, for, I, to are very common and widely used.

Optimize your content for voice search

In the near future, voice search will lead most of the digital marketing strategy. So, it is better to incorporate voice search into the content of your website.

Most marketers ignore this trend and stick to the old version of SEO. Update is very essential in marketing and voice search is going to rule the next few generations. So look at these optimization strategies for voice search.

Focus on Questions

The interactive feature of voice search leads the content structure. With an FAQ option, you can make your website more transparent for your customers.

Make sure you acknowledge all the queries posted on your website. Construct your article as per the client’s requirement. Add keywords that will help in driving more traffic. Last but not the least, keep the answers brief and precise.

Structure your answers

Providing a structure is important while writing content for voice search SEO. Voice search works on artificial intelligence and the result totally depends on the keyword and precise answers.

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Keep the answer informal and interactive. Make sure you point out all the queries the customer made. You can also try to give a solution to the problem. Do not overcrowd your content because Google voice search looks on precise content. Try to keep the content within 29 words.

Get your long-form content optimized for voice search

Google search focuses on short and precise answers. Your website long-form content might get rejected in voice search. To prevent this, you can optimize your content by keeping these things in mind.

  • Add bullet points to your content. Keep the bullet points short and crisp.
  • Incorporate heading and subheadings to your content, so that Google voice search can easily detect it.
  • Avoid using big words/jargons. Instead, go for small words.
  • If an idea can be written in one sentence, refrain from using irrelevant words.

Optimize short-form content for voice search

Short-form content is also widely known as featured snippets. These featured snippets are used by a large population. As a result, 40% of voice searches come from feature snippets.

Have you ever tried asking a question like milk causes indigestion? Google will answer your question in a snippet format.

Google just reads out the most relatable precise content that matches your search. So, short-form content is best for voice search.

Optimize local SEO for voice search

Local SEO makes your website visible and attracts high-quality traffic that has a great conversion rate. According to the search engine watch, nowadays people use a smartphone for voice-related searches three times more for local search. 13% of all voice searches were done to find some local business in 2018.

Always keep your Google My Business page up to date. Your address, contact number and working hours should be updated every few months.

Local SEO enables your website to reach segmented audiences. By optimizing your website, you can make your website reach the top in local SEO. Create an online feedback or review panel. This also helps your website to get the desired traffic and conversions.

Level up your domain authority

Google uses numerous factors to provide search engine ranking for your website. Domain authority has always procured considerable input in search engine rankings.

Domain authority is a measurement unit, it was invented by Moz. Your domain authority should be improved to achieve higher search engine rankings. This metric also helps in attracting more traffic and leads.

Follow these instructions to increase domain authority:

  • Select a domain name that suits your business or website. Avoid domain name that is irrelevant.
  • Always make sure to optimize the on-page content.
  • Build high-quality links and content.
  • Update the internal link structure and make sure to link a website that has relevant content.
  • Eliminate links that are toxic or broken.
  • Run your website on Google mobile-friendly test and optimize it accordingly.
  • Never compromise on loading speed. Take the necessary steps to boost the loading speed.
  • Use social media for promoting and branding your website.

Rank content in search results

For high-quality traffic, your content should rank on Google searches. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the ranking does not hit the top.

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To make your content rank high in search results.

    • Keywords: Search and analyze long keywords. Make sure to incorporate filling words. Most of the people use long sentences while voice search. Keep the keywords with a low keyword difficulty count.
    • Look up to your competitor: Analyze the performance and keywords of the competitor. See which keywords are getting more clicks and use them on your website to drive traffic.

  • Maintain domain authority: Domain authority is vital in SERPs. So try choosing a name that is relevant to your website.

Ensure your site loads fast

Fast loading sites promote the scalability and flexibility of your website. Still, this factor is often ignored by marketers. Maximum customers switch to other sites if your site takes more than three seconds to load.

Loading speed determines the bounce rate, so optimization is an urgent task to ensure a low bounce rate.

Google has issued some guidelines to promote faster website loads. If your website takes longer to load, Google personal assistant won’t take up your content to speak.

Here is a list of things that are needed to enhance the website loading speed:

  • Use images and videos that are compressed to offer high-quality images
  • Curtail HTTPS requests and minimize Java scripts
  • To avoid Javascript parsing, you can use defer and async
  • Eliminate plugins and redirects for better loading experience
  • According to SEO experts, website loads faster by using HTML5 and CSS3 framework

Offer better user experience on mobile

Google only wants a mobile-friendly website to star in Google search rankings. It is because around half of the world population uses a smartphone to search and purchase commodities.

Smartphones are used more for voice searches as most of the interaction happens through a mobile device. Google has even started a mobile-friendly test to ensure that your website has a low bounce rate.

Smartphones are the only tool that has become a necessity for humans. So, a mobile-friendly device for voice search SEO is the best strategy for digital marketing.

Optimize your Google My Business profile

Most of the people use voice search while searching for the “near me” category. Google My business is the only way to rank in the local search engine. Always make sure to keep your profile updated.¬†

Google My Business is the best way to tell people about your business. When people search for anything in a specific area, your website will get a priority in google search engine rank.

Make sure to fill up all the fields. Avoid spamming, this leads to low conversion and traffic. The listing includes your business address, name, and phone number. For more proper information mention your business hours so that Google can let the consumer know about your availability.

Future of voice search marketing

With time, technology is updating and a new trend is coming to the limelight. Voice search is a new innovation that will impact the digital marketing industry for a long time now. Nowadays, most of the business has shifted to the cloud. The online platform and websites require to follow the basic SEO techniques to drive more traffic and lead to their website.

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According to PwC, 61% of the people belonging to the 25-64 age group state that they will use voice searches more in the near future.


Voice search SEO is important to build websites that are not only useful but user-friendly too. Speech-to text-search is the easiest and convenient approach for Google search.

Nowadays, the maximum number of smartphones is equipped with artificial intelligence. Your website content should contain keywords that are widely used by consumers searching for products or commodities.