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Social media is a potential tool to increase traffic and lead generation. In this new-age branding spree, let Rankiology take care of your social media campaigns.


We help you achieve better engagement and results

Create a brand value across the social media universe with Rankiology


Working towards a clear end goal to benefit all.

Crafting plan

Going back to the drawing board to create a plan, armed with powerful insights.

Cross-platform management

Proper management of various channels combines to give a better result.

Data analysis

Analyzing the data form several campaigns to set realistic goals, and then plan accordingly.

Social Media conversations is the route to better branding and engagement

Any new brand amidst the big names around feels a bit out of place. Social media marketing from Rankiology evens out the playing ground, giving you an opportunity to reach out to billions of people, and validate the existence of a great brand value.

Rankiology has an expert social media team that handles some of the well-known brands. The valuable experience gained from dealing with the big brands has developed an instinct to plan meticulously and execute it with granular details.


Managing social media presence, the Rankiology way

The impact of social media in spreading the conversations about brands, and making them relevant goes beyond our understanding. Rankiology is familiar with the latest social media trends in context to the end-user or consumer reaction to promotional campaigns. We would love to be perceived as the bridge between the brand and the end-user. We employ different tools to get the desired results, we have captured the snapshot of services below.

Brand activity analysis

Rankiology understands the importance of consumer interaction. We monitor brand activity and its mentions across the existing user base.

Social media management

Rankiology applies various techniques to curate social media posts to communicate relevant brand image.

Social media contest

Rankiology assists in scheduling the contest periodically, so that the users are glued to your offerings.

Customizing campaigns

Rankiology understands the nature of the brand and intakes suggestions for constructing a customized social media strategy.


Brand Monitoring

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Social Media Contest

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Social Media Management

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Custom Profile Design

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Experience the benefit of new-age advertisement tool with social media ads

Platform-specific social media advertising

Each social media platform requires an advertising strategy, the content of advertising needs to match with the nature of the platform. Rankiology puts an analytical foot forward in promoting ads across platforms to receive maximum value for money.

Rankiology covers various forms of social media advertising, some of them are:


It is tough to have a promotional plan to include the entire user base. Rankiology breaks down this large sample set into smaller units for targeted advertising.


With 2.65 billion users, Facebook rules the social media industry. Rankiology assesses the demographics with the context of the nature of your brand to come up with an effective Facebook ad campaign.


On average people spend 11 minutes on youtube navigating through nearly seven pages of search results. Rankiology presents Youtube ads in a way that entices people to take action, and not immediately click the skip ad button.


Twitter is a platform where you can find opinions about almost anything. Rankiology scans through the audience’s opinion related to your brand and uses this information to create effective advertising campaigns.


Linkedin is a social media platform designed for professionals who have the intellect to distinguish between a genuine advertisement and a gimmick. Rankiology keeps the subject matter of the ad campaign realistic. and forward-looking explaining the important threads.


Pinterest is an offbeat image sharing platform that demands marketeers to be smart enough while placing their ad. Rankiology has a design team that crafts images for getting immediate attention from the user.


Leveraging social media to inject positive perceptions about the brand

Social media platforms do more than connecting family and friends, it shapes thought processes. Today, social media is leveraged to propagate a certain idea across the globe. Such is the footprint, and behavioral impact of the platform.


Rankiology analyses the current thoughts about the brand and tries to mold them through social media posts. We have been successful in creating a new and strong identity of brands that went off the radar at some stage.


Rankiology employs targeted ad campaigns catering to a particular section of the audience, which remains untapped in the traditional form of advertising.


Continuous interaction with the user helps create brand awareness. Rankiology has a team that exclusively focuses on engaging with the users.


Rankiology focuses on managing each platform with the help of experts in the team, who have the skill to manage each platform simultaneously adhering to a single end goal.


Analyzing data gathered from real-time campaigns arms, Rankiology with specific inputs, can remove the loopholes from the ad campaigns.

How do we create an effective social media strategy!

  1. Our planning method is research-driven, Rankiology has an expert team that goes through data gathered from previous campaigns. The research report forms the basis of the plan.
  2. The plans created in the first stage are not implemented immediately. Several outcomes are theorized, and then the plan is tested under controlled variables.
  3. Once the testing is completed, the plan is implemented and regular follow up from the Rankiology team helps to avoid mishaps.

Questions You Want To Know

With the rising use of Social Media, Social Media Marketing (SMM) too has become crucial. Know the crucial elements of a SMO service and how we can help you influence them to achieve sustainable results.

What is (Social Media Marketing) SMM?

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. It involves optimizing of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. When done correctly, SMM has the potential to reach out to new customers faster, strengthening the existing customer base, gather feedback, improve brand engagement etc. Basis the business or campaign objectives, SMM can be used effectively to achieve the set goals. Get in touch with our Social Media Marketing expert by mailing us at or call us at +91-8888-111-425 today!

Which social media platforms are ideal for me to begin with?

Some of the prominent social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Each platform has its own customer profile and customer behavior. Depending upon what is the brands objective, a relevant platform should be used. For instance, Facebook & Instagram are good in providing reach and generating enquiries & conversions, whereas LinkedIn is recommended when it comes to knowledge dissemination and information sharing. Hence, the choice of platform depended upon your brand and its objectives.

I am already doing SEO. Then why do I need to do SMM?

SEO and SMM should be used together for best results. While SEO helps in improving visibility through search page ranking thereby bringing the brand in the consideration set. On the other hand, SMM provides the customer with user feedback, testimonials and other information thereby helping the brand to move from consideration set to decision-making set. Also, Social media shows the level of engagement that exists between the brand and its customers thus reassuring potential customers.

How fast can I see the results if I do SMM?

The speed with which you can see results from SMM inputs is directly dependent on the business objectives set for the activity. Also, it is very much a function of the product/service category and the competitor’s strategy. If the objective was only visibility, then normally a period of 1 month is sufficient. But, if you are looking at engagement, then it may require a period of 4-6 months to see some traction.

Is there a link between Social Media Marketing and SEO?

Generally, SEO and SMM are complementary activities. While brands can rely on just one also, when used in combination, it is found that the results are far superior and long lasting. While SEO can help in improving the brand’s ranking on the search page thus generating traffic to the brand’s digital asset, SMM helps in keeping the customer engaged and aid in conversion by providing additional details like product information, customer feedback and reviews.

Why is “#” (hash tag) important in SMM?

Words that are accompanied by a hash tag (#) are the keywords used by most customers while searching or conversing on a social media platform. It represents the fact that likeminded customers behave in a particular manner. By using such hash tagged words, brands can expect increased visibility, reach and connect with customers.

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