The Ultimate Guide On How To SEO Your Travel Website9 min read

Travel websites are good often for travel freaks, these websites provide complete data of the trip including, fare, accommodation, sightseeing, and many more. You can just sit back and relax when the top professionals are working on how to make your trip comfortable and worth cherishing.

People like to travel and before going on a trip, they plan it for a long time. A trip includes a lot of factors and engagement. Nowadays half of the population relies on travel websites to seek information about a specific destination. So, just by designing a website that suits clients’ needs is enough to gather traffic. Posting weekly newsletters and travel stories you can engage clients on a daily basis. Traffic gets multiplied if the endorsement is rightly done.

SEO Your Travel Website

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On a daily basis, people use Google to perform more than 3.5 billion searches. This number varies depending on time.

Why is SEO important for travel websites

The travel industry is enormous and for the right propagation in today’s digital world, SEO is important. Google has introduced four micro-moments that illustrate four main components that will make your travel agency positioned on search engines. You need a strong SEO strategy to make your website visible to your customers.

Here are the top five advantages of SEO that will compel you to accept it easily.


To keep an online business floating on the top, engagement is the trick to success. SEO optimizes the website so that it can engage customers to know your agency better. Small agencies are choosing SEO because it provides a virtual platform that is enormous and has a high reach policy.

Just by posting video content, blog, newsletters you can provide a good quality engagement to your segmented crowd. If the targeted audience is impressed then it will usher to high lead conversion.

Limitless Reach Policy

Before digitalization, reaching customers was a huge task that needed a lot of money and effort for reaching a small crowd. Now, things completely changed technology has made things a lot easier and faster. SEO is the boon for online websites, with the help of strategy and planning you can reach millions and millions of people just by a click.

Huge lead generation

When your website is out on Google and consumers to access it, there is a high chance that they will like it and choose you. This entire procedure is done by SEO by optimizing your website in some way that will increase your website traffic. The more visitors the more lead generation.

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SEO also helps in identifying the specific keywords that are related to your website.


SEO is not only budget-friendly but also more beneficial than PPC. However, there are many other options such as Google Ads, PCC, and more. These solutions are a little cheaper but once you stop paying for it your website won’t top on their pages. 

Whereas SEO is the best option for the long run. Once you are topping on the charts, there is no looking back. Investing in SEO is beneficial if you are looking for a permanent settlement.

Modifying business

SEO alters your business-standard the second you invest in this. With time your websites will witness high traffic and lead conversion that should be handled nicely.

With low-quality page speed, your website will significantly lose potential customers. So, modification is essential.

Tips to leverage a travel website SEO

Be extremely active in social media

New websites take longer to star in Google search results due to low Domain and Page authority. But you can use social media to reach a larger audience in less time. All social media platform differs from each other in aspects such as traffic and administration.

Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are websites that can be easily accessible to everyone. You can post good content on these sites and engage a lot of crowd without much trouble. But for reaching a sophisticated genre, you should use sites such as Quora, Blogger, and others. Here the content needs to be more authentic and authoritative at the same time.

Create a mobile-friendly website

In today’s digital era more than 60% of the searches are conducted via smartphones. So, you understand a mobile-friendly website can generate way more traffic and lead than a website that has a device restriction.

In the United States, 45% of people are using smartphones for searches and purchases. Mobile friendly travel websites are the need of the hour.

For a mobile-friendly website, all you need to do is create a responsive web design. This makes desktop pages convert according to the devices.

By making a few changes in your existing website you can create a responsive web design. This will help you save a lot of money, energy, and time.


  • Hire an SEO expert if you have little knowledge about responsive web design.
  • Mobile-friendly websites should be optimized in a way so that it can load within two seconds time frame.

Make a blog section for traffic generation.

Blogs are the best way to make your visitor cling on your website. Have you ever noticed those big travel companies have a blog account to post about their expedition and trip? The main reason for this is to create a quality connection with the visitor on a personal level.

People love to read about things that they are planning to do. So, by creating quality travel blogs your agency can create a lot of traffic and lead conversion. 

Make the content eye-catchy. Use images from the trip and explain all the key points vividly. Playing with imagination is the best way to establish a two-way relationship.

Build high-quality links

Providing links on your website not only shows your authenticity but also promotes high traffic. For building quality kink all you need to do is to create good content and use it when posting something relevant.

Another easy way is to seize broken or dead links in Wikipedia. Many marketers ignore this solution but it is one of the easiest and effective ways to develop good condition links.

You can own two types of  links from Wikipedia

  • The links that need citation. It actually means that some people forget to provide a source while editing a Wikipedia article. You can claim this type of link.
  • A dead link can also be easily accessed.

The website should be aesthetically pleasing

Visual effects impact a mind more than any other form. So a travel website should be beautifully designed with high-quality images, simple yet noticeable tabs, impressive colours, and matching frame.

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Picturesque scenery, humongous details, easy navigation, and simple tabs can make your website pleasing and charming.

The big travel agencies have beautiful websites, the moment you see it, you fall in love with the places. Beautifully edited images and videos on the home page makes it more attractive and engaging.


  • Invest a lot of time in preparing an action and plan accordingly. Research and look at other websites to get a perfect overview.
  • A Colour combination is vital. So avoid colours that are harsh on the eyes. Use comforting and compatible tones.
  • Keep the tabs big enough, so that visitors do not need to put a lot of stress in finding them.
  • Keep the subject line catchy and also place important information on the top of the page.

Keep an eye on your competitors

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, this proverb suits best in the travel industry. Researching and analyzing rival companies will help you understand the policies and strategies they are using for starring in Google search or high conversions.

You can copy the keywords of your rival company and use them to formulate quality content. This is the easiest and productive way to elevate traffic and lead conversion.

Sometimes examining the rival company helps you to find out what is going wrong on your website and how you can fix it?  

Look at their statistics and strategy for engaging clients on a daily basis.


  • You can use Uberlink to find out your competitor’s keywords.
  • Keep an eye on  social media platforms and other blogging sites to exactly know the strategy
  • Make sure to check the number of backlinks and domain tab.
  • See how many people are sharing their content and why?
  • With the help of Uberlink, you can also find out how many people are visiting the website on a daily basis.

Encourage your readers to engage

Interactive content is an efficient way to deter the audience. A good website is determined whether it has kept its audience engaged or not. Engagement plays a key role in Google searches as well. If your content is engaging then the visitors come back to check other quality contents and helps it to surpass in Google searches.

While there are many ways to enhance your website’s engagement rates, but make sure to post interactive pieces. This is important because if your content lacks interaction then visitors will lose interest and will drop your website instantly.

Engaging visitors visually and physically work like wonder. Here are a few points that will help your content to be more interactive.

  • Always invite your audience or visitors to engage in feedback sessions or ratings. 
  • Include live stories, polls, and question-answer sessions to make your content-generating a two-way conversation.
  • Encourage your visitors to leave a comment on the content, so that it can affect SEO rankings.

Create content that instils an interest in others.

People love reading about places and travelling. So, this is a plus point for travel agencies. By using effective keywords, and quality niches your website can create content that is not only interesting but also informative.

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As it is said, Most of the online shoppers look for travel agencies that post related content and include most of the information.

Here is how to make your content instil interest

  • Concentrate on topics that are associated with travel.
  • Incorporate relatable videos and pictures to give it an extra punch.
  • Keep your writing tone intimate and informal.
  • Try using metaphors.
  • Enhance your storytelling skills.
  • Give positive twists and turns to keep the topic interesting.


The travel industry is widespread and is growing with every passing day. To reach an audience on a broad scale was a big deal just a few years ago but in recent times you can reach millions of people just by using travel SEO.

Many travel companies gained enormous success in a short span of time because of the flexibility and stability of SEO. To make your travel website witness elevated conversions, high sales and good traffic switch to SEO.