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Writing a success story in the digital world requires the collaboration of trusted SEO service providers. Let Rankiology be your partner.

Be the owner of a flourishing business with our SEO services


Appear in the top search results with carefully chosen keywords for elements like title, and meta description.


Performance overview is all about getting an overall snapshot of the performance factors, like page visits, user engagements, link clicks, and various other elements.

Social-Media -Marketing-Icon

Be it a startup or an established organization, staying in touch with the social media side of things is crucial beyond words.


Click through is an indicator of your digital performance. Rankiology defines a plan to reach the optimum CTR ratio.


It is estimated that traffic generated from PPC campaigns has 50% more chances to buy a product or subscribe to service than organic traffic.


Staying ahead of the competition, and analyzing competitors' moves is crucial to be in sync with the digital marketing trend.

Better use of resources

Leverage quality SEO services for better results

Working with an expert SEO expert provides a better ROI, it is as simple as that. Rankiology acts as a natural extension of the organization. Seamless communication helps to understand the client’s requirements.

After having a firm knowledge of the goals, our team at Rankiology carves out plans to reach them with minimum investment. Search engine ranking methods may seem to be a tricky proposition. Organizations try to work it out on their own, to save costs might end up spending more.

Rankiology divided the SEO plans depending on the geography ie: native or local SEO, national and international SEO.

Rankiology covers the aforementioned elements with experts that have the experience of working with all types of organization.

Best SEO practices which define our expertise

Content marketing


Rankiology focuses on creating content that fits the criteria of the modern-day digital world. Each piece of content is well throughout and scheduled as per the trend.


On-page optimization


The team of computing language experts in Rankiology tweaks around the HTML codes, and the design layout to provide a better user experience.




Rankiology monitors the content to prevent plagiarism. Further, we also assess various SEO strategies implemented by the competitors to make any changes, if required, to stay atop of the digital game.

The way we make SEO work for unprecedented growth

Everybody has some knowledge of what is SEO, but many of them are aloof of the SEO process that drives results. Below, we have shared the SEO process of Rankiology.

Clients Goal


The first thing that Rankiology does right is, it pays immense importance to what the clients want to be the end goals of an SEO campaign, A clear understanding of the goal helps to devise a practical SEO plan, one which is practical and not superfluous.


Creation of plan


After the goals setting task, Rankiology tries to absorb ways in which the client feels is the right way to go about the SEO business. Post which we pitch in our plan and this is how we arrive at a plan that suits the larger purpose.


Website Audit


Auditing the platform, for which the plan is created, is the next step in the SEO process. The experts at Rankiology scan out the web pages to find any loopholes and fix them. Once, the platform is conducive to respond to SEO plans, the website audit is considered to be complete.


Keyword Research


Using various online tools to skim through potentially hundreds of relevant keywords and landing with the high performing keywords is what Rankiology is known for.


Analyzing competitors move


Rankiology pays close attention to firms in the same domain as the clients to find out if there is something new that can be incorporated in the SEO plan. This ensures you don’t get left in the digital race.


Creating Quality content


The best way to improve search engine ranking organically is to include quality content in the SEO plans. Generally, four to five pieces of quality content help the user to know about the brand or service. Rankiology understands the larger perspective of increasing ranking with quality content.


Link Building and virtual PR


The digital PR machinery and link building help place the website in good stead on the world wide web. A better approach to link building can increase visibility to a great extent. Rankilogy applies both the tools under their SEO service practices to fetch a better result.


Follow up


The entire implementation of the SEO plan is followed up regularly to monitor the results. Also, constant follow up helps to fill the void and strengthen the execution.


Know the Website Performance Through Simple But Precise Graphs

Digital Marketing strategies which are based on clear and accurate data are always successful in generating better performance.

Get experts to help you create successful marketing strategies for your digital assets and get the best returns for your money.

Get experts to help you create successful marketing strategies for your digital assets and get the best returns for your money.


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Visual representation of the impact of effective SEO practices

Rankiology carves out an SEO plan after through number crunching and data analysis. So much so, that the forecasts are presented graphically for better comprehension. Plotting the actual result in a graph, and comparing it with the forecasted figures helps to gauge the effectiveness of the SEO strategy.


Let experts from Rankiology prepare a thorough data report with graphs and stats to give a better idea about the actual impact of SEO on the firm’s performance.

Generate Traffic, Gain visibility


Gaining online traction is the ultimate goal, which we keep in mind while planning an SEO strategy.


SEO service process


The tips which are mentioned below have their core linked with the process of effective SEO. Sit back and internalize the info.


Keywords the lifeblood of every SEO campaign


No SEO campaign is complete without keyword analysis. It is the apt use of keywords that helps the page to rank in the search engines. Pages with relevant keywords are more likely to show up in the top 10 results.


Credible backlinks


Getting backlinks to your website from a credible source is quite important. This can be a dicey proposition as Google has the potential to track the gimmicky backlinking strategy.


Design layout


The use of heading and subheading to categorize elements helps in easy navigation. On the other hand, a proper tagging scheme helps the crawlers to attach to the link and display it in the search result.


Content is king


You might have heard of this phrase quite often, and it fits the SEO schematics. It is the quality of content that ultimately gives the webpage the credibility it seeks from various sources.


Responsive Website


In a world where small screens are more prevalent than ever before, you simply cannot take chances with ignoring the responsive nature of websites to cater to mobile phone users as well.

Analyse Your Performance and Improve it Further

Know What Has Worked and What Has Not for Better Future Campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO SERVICES

SEO is one of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing. Know some important facts before you even embark on the journey to incorporate SEO in your Marketing campaigns. It might just be the game-changer.


SEO is a set of activities that help in achieving better ranking in search results for any digital asset on various Search Engines like Google, Bing etc. Digital Assets could be in the form of website, blogs, social media pages etc. Some of the key elements used in an SEO strategy are on-page and off-page elements. On-page elements include Meta Tags, Header Tags, Anchor Tags, Page loading speed, inter-linkages etc. While off-page includes elements like content, link building, guest posts, syndication of content etc.

What do you mean by organic SEO?

Organic SEO means implementation of SEO inputs without paying any money to the concerned Search Engine for improved ranking. If money is paid to the Search Engine in any form, then it is termed as Search Engine Marketing.

Does SEO really work?

Yes! SEO actually works, provided it is done correctly. SEO, when done right, can help you achieve all your objectives. SEO assists in improving your search engine performance by helping your result to appear on the first page. Since surfers have a tendency of clicking the results that appear on the first page, improved ranking directly affects parameters like traffic, visibility and sales in the long-run.

What are the typical charges for SEO?

The cost for SEO depends on various parameters and can also vary from vendor to vendor. Generally, SEO is charged on the basis of number of keywords optimized. However, some vendors also have a policy to charge on the basis of conversions of revenues. We at Rankiology have a policy on charging on the basis of number of keywords optimized. Basis or experience, we have even made special packages that are able to successfully meet the requirements of most of our clients. However, we are also open for customized packages as well.

How soon can we see the results for an SEO activity?

Unlike SEM, which is a paid activity and shows instant results, SEO generally takes about 4-6 months to start showing results. This is because SEO is a multi-step process. In the first step, you need to optimize all your digital assets. This includes improving on-page and off-page inputs like content, images, loading speeds, navigation ease, simplifying the back end, content syndication, link-building, creating backlinks etc. These inputs are then “read” by the Search Engine which caches them. Every step is a time-consuming activity. Hence, one safely say that SEO generally takes about 6-8 months to show results.

Which activities are included in SEO services?

SEO inputs are broadly divided into three parts – Technical (backend), On-Page and Off-page. Technical inputs influence the ease of navigation and use, loading speeds, attractiveness of the digital asset and the engagement capability of the asset. On-page inputs like Meta Tags, Header Tags, Anchor Tags, inter-linkages etc. Whereas off-page elements includes promoted content, link building & placement, creating guest posts, syndication of content etc.

Do I get a periodic performance report?

Yes. As a policy, we share a performance report with all our clients at the end of the month. This report details the various initiatives undertaken in the month and summarizes the results achieved. This report includes the performance of certain key parameters like visibility, traffic, conversions, set objectives and their achievement etc. This report is important because it shows the impact of various inputs on the search ranking.


This is akin to finding the right doctor for your ailment. You can find SEO service provides across various price points- low, medium and high. However, the trick is to find the right one! We recommend that that you speak with a couple of SEO service providers first. Then evaluate their proposals on parameters like expertise, experience, client experience, costs, responsiveness, their understanding about your business etc. before freezing on the right partner.

How to improve website performance?

For most brands, the most important and the most influential asset is their website. The website performance can be greatly influenced by creating quality backlinks, content optimization and by adopting the right On-page optimization policies.

How much involvement is expected from the client on a day-to-day basis?

The client’s involvement is critical in the initial days. This is critical in chalking out the strategy. Once the strategy is concrete, then the client needs to review the performance at regular intervals, share inputs and provide information on future plans to chart the way ahead.

Are the results guaranteed? What if I want a refund as the results were sub-optimal?

No company in this world can guarantee results. If they are, then those results are not sustainable. This is the reason we do periodic reviews with all our clients to track our performance against their expectations. This helps both us and the client to evaluate the gaps realistically and decide the future course of action. Unfortunately, there are no refunds as the inputs cannot be reversed.

How do I measure the return on investment?

There are host of 3rd party applications which help in tracking the ROI. Prominent amongst these is Google Analytics. We create a Google Analytics and create objectives in it. All our clients get an access to this tool with which they can easily track the ROI and other parameters on a real time basis without any intervention from our side.

Is there a lock-in period for any SEO plan?

No. there is no lock-in or contract period for any of our SEO plans. We offer the flexibility to all our clients to move out of the relationship any time. You will be billed only till that day and nothing more.
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