Why is SEO Important in India?7 min read

SEO India

The number of global internet users is rising exponentially day-by-day. And surprisingly, the growth rate of internet users in India is comparatively higher than in other countries.

With the rise in ecommerce growth and online ventures, internet penetration has also taken a good hike. As per the latest statistics, the percentage of online users in India has increased by 21% compared to last year.

An Overview On Online Users Of India

Even though 59% of India’s population is still struggling with the traditional lifestyle, over 560 million users prefer to go online to make their searches. And the best thing about this is, the figure is expected to cross 660 million by the year 2023.

Doesn’t this indicate a great future for the South Asian country in online marketing?

In 2019, India was ranked as the second-largest country in online marketing worldwide. And if it grows at this rapid pace, it is expected that it will take no time to reach the first position. This growing competition has excited online marketers in India to use advanced SEO techniques for better results.

Image: Internet users in India

What is SEO? Why is SEO important in India?

SEO is a digital marketing technique that helps businesses build a strong online presence and attain high ranks on search engine result pages, like Google & Bing. The best pro about this technique is marketers can adopt this strategy without breaking any bank account.

The strength of the Indian marketers, especially the small and medium-scale marketers, is open to all. This cost-effective organic approach works like a magical spell for them.

So, global businesses moving online need SEO to increase the chance of getting more clicks and making the brand more visible on the web, but at an economical rate. The reason remains the same for the Indian online ventures as well.

We agree that a high percentage of internet users in India crawl online to serve their needs. But what’s the use of having so many online users if you don’t have proper online visibility over the web?

This is where the SEO works. SEO in India offers tons of benefits to the Indian brands and small businesses who want to expand their reach. These include –

1. SEO for lead generation

Adopting SEO techniques helps both B2B and B2C businesses to generate quality leads. SEO serves as a filter in bringing quality leads for the website, simply by ranking the website higher in SERPs.

With this inbound strategy, businesses drive in more visitors to the website and convert them into potential buyers, eventually making sales.

2. SEO for high conversions

Higher ranks on search engines give rise to high conversions. And this is possible only because of SEO. If you talk about the Indian or global market, online users strongly rely on the brands ranked on the top.

The web links ranking at the top gain more clicks, generating more traffic and eventually building high conversions. Although the statistics on the Indian market is yet to be found, the global conversion rate obtained is around 4.31 %.

3. SEO for local customer engagement

Digital buyers in India are around 329 million. And a majority of them prefer online marketing from the local businesses. So, targeting the local audience is a priority in India.

Image: Digital buyers in India

SEO in India proves to be the best solution to building local customer engagement for businesses. Marketers incorporating SEO techniques in their marketing strategy conduct local market research, creating a high tendency for the customers to visit the local store.

4. SEO for the mobile experience

A majority of Indians use Android OS devices to browse online while only a few prefer iOS devices. The overall figure was around 420.7 million in the previous year and is expected to cross 500 million in the upcoming years.

Image: Mobile users in India

Therefore, mobile-friendly websites are very much important to serve the needs of mobile users in urban and rural areas. Even Google ranks the websites that are mobile-friendly.

Keeping this in mind, the latest SEO strategy comes with a mobile-friendly feature. SEO creates mobile-friendly platforms for web pages, making it convenient for mobile users to use the internet.

This is another vital reason why SEO is needed in India.

5. SEO for brand credibility

SEO builds brand credibility for businesses. It helps the businesses to gain the trust of the targeted audience, simply by showcasing its popularity on search engines.

Any web page ranked on the top 5 on SERPs is noted as the most reliable and well-known brand among the list of results. It ensures the online users that the brand is efficient enough to serve its customers with the best.

New Trends in SEO

SEO benefits are not hidden to anyone. But the problem arises when many of our Indian organizations fail to gain the desired results even after using rank-driven SEO techniques. This is because some of our online ventures are still using the old-backdated SEO approaches to drive traffic to the website.

It is good to stay connected with the old techniques but it is also necessary to keep your website updated with the latest evolving trends.

Here are some additional changes that SEO 2020 demands, especially in India.

1. Say hello to voice search

Voice searches in India are getting more and more popular nowadays. Some use them to avoid typing, just to be with the trend, while Some use them to save time. While some use them because they find this more convenient than typing wrong spellings.

Whatever the reason is, online users in India are saying hello to voice search more frequently. Google has revealed that by the end of the year 2020, voice searches in India will exceed 270 percent, sharing a good space in the global market.

Voice search allows the users to search exactly how they speak. Maybe that’s the reason why people are finding this more familiar to make their queries. Presently, this trend has hit brands a lot. However, some Indian marketers still hesitate to optimize voice searches for better growth.

2. Pay attention to Indian local languages

India is a multilingual country and English is its foreign language. Although Hindi is the national language, there are tens of local languages spoken in the country. While implementing SEO strategies, paying attention to the local languages for users’ convenience is substantial.

In India, English language online users are high in number. However, users using local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, Urdu, Malayalam, etc. are significantly numbered too.

A recent survey has proved that 88% of online users in India give more response to the ads that have content in local languages. Local language trends in SEO, thus making it easier for Indian businesses to reach out to the local people and convert them into potential buyers.

So, prioritizing localized content and local languages make SEO effective and powerful.

3. Be trendy with snippets

A majority of online users in India look for accurate results to their queries. And guess what, snippets turn out to be the best option for them. These featured snippets when appear on the top of Google’s search results quickly solves the searcher’s query, making the overall job simpler.

The best thing about these snippets is the users don’t need to click and browse different links to search for their queries. They directly get the answer from the SERPs.

Studies found that featured snippets are more likely to generate traffic than organic search engine results. So, including this to your SEO strategy will never be a wrong approach.

4. Create videos for engagement

Google loves video content and so do the online users in India. Studies have found that 85% of the searchers in India spend time watching videos. And the figure is approximately 245 million.

In fact, video contents are more likely to be ranked first on the SERPs compared to other web content. According to the research, videos on websites draw more traffic than textual content. So, video content optimization is another prime requirement when you are dealing with SEO in India.

To be honest, 54% of the online videos watched in India are in its national language Hindi, while only 18% of them are in English. The rest are in different local languages. We guess, now you can understand how important it is to focus on local languages in India, even when you are creating videos for brands!

Wrapping Up

Reaching out to the right online audience in India is not so challenging. If you go through the recent statistics, online users in India spend 3:18 hours per day on the internet, and 2:44 hours of those are spent on mobile devices. It is estimated that by the year 2022, the average hours spent online will exceed the 3 hour mark.

The incorporation of SEO strategy in Indian business is key to multiple marketing opportunities. Think twice before you make your decision.