SEO For Salons: 15 Ways To Get To The Top Of Google7 min read

SEO For Salons Tips

Being on the web is a norm now, you cannot help to imagine owning a business without having an online presence in this era of digitalization.

If you are not present on the web, It simply nullifies your efforts on the ground to thrive and grow in today’s competitive ecosystem. Real business movement happens online in today’s day and age. It is the place where leads are lost and gained with clicks.

SEO For Salons


On second thought, even if you are on the web, you won’t get hot leads overnight. Thriving in the virtual business place requires the application of the right set of digital marketing tools. It will help you to attract new leads and sustain the existing ones.

But for all of that to work in your favour, your salon business needs to be a visible online presence. Having a robust website coupled with SEO magic can do the trick.

Why are businesses focusing on SEO for ranking?

With a single Google Search for-‘best salons in (in your city name)’- you will see millions of search results. Now, while the number results in each page may be consistent, customers won’t go beyond the first one. The first page is the only page result for you, if you are not there, you are not on the web.

It is all about ranking in the top ten search results, you may hide a brilliant spinoff of Sherlock Holmes in the second page of search results, even Netflix won’t bother to find it. That is how important it is to have an authoritarian Google ranking.

There is a reason why we use the word ‘authoritarian’, we could have simply used the better. After all, it is not just a better ranking, rather it is about having an authoritative presence coupled with better ranking.

As your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking increases, it not only brings into play higher traffic and a better lead generation & conversion cycle. But at the same time, it creates value among the consumers which is second to none. Here, you earn the respect and trust of the user base.

The stats story

  •  It is estimated that nearly 3.5 billion search queries are made in Google every day. And with nearly billions of websites, you need to be at the top of the SEO game. 
  • 76% of the people who use smartphones to surf the internet look for nearby places to visit for any kind of requirements.
  • Most importantly, only 0.78% of the people click on the link from the search results on the second page. 

SEO tips to rank you salon higher on Google

Create a vibrant and eye-pleasing website

The first thing that you can do to create a strong online presence is to have a really attractive and user-friendly website. You can follow the DIY fashion using platforms like Wix and WordPress to create a website, or you can also opt for professional developers that use computing languages like Java or HTML. 

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Optimize the website for mobile devices

Yes, it is essential to have a mobile website or an app. But the mere existence of mobile websites won’t cut the deal, you need to curate it either by gaining know-how of mobile web optimization or by taking the help of experts. With nearly 52.2% of traffic coming in from devices, you cannot afford to ignore it. 

Make a fool-proof content strategy

How many times we have heard that content is the king, and thought of it as a cliche. Well, it is more than just an echoing cliche.  

Nearly, 57% of the digital marketing experts believe that keyword-rich on-page content enhances the page visibility and ranking. Having a good content strategy serves the dual purpose of providing information and ingesting new quality traffic.    

Update website with great content

Yes, it is a statistical truth that there are nearly 2 billion websites, but only 400 million of them are active. A majority of those inactive websites fall off the radar due to stale content that lies on the page degrading their ranking. It also does not hurt to change or update the themes as per the trends. 

Optimize the website with meta tags and descriptions

Think of meta-description as a short pitch that people will see before they visit your website. Make it as gripping and compelling as possible. Meta descriptions usually have an optimal length of 50-160 characters. Though with Google announcement in 2009 that meta descriptions won’t amount to search ranking, we believe that CTR is heavily affected with it.    

Make a blog section for the website

With websites having blogs there is two-way communication between the consumer base and the company. It helps businesses to test and promote new ideas at the same time gauge the user’s sentiments. Pushing out two-to-three blogs every week keeps your website updated with the resurgence of the relevant and new high performing keywords. 

Guest blog on similar websites

Guest blogs in websites with similar domains using do-follow links can gain you traffic from varied sources which enhances the page credibility, thus a better ranking is always on the cards. Guest blogging has picked up over the years, as it has allowed the new business to operate promotional strategies on a shoestring budget.   

Focus on off-page SEO with backlinks

One of the key elements of Off-page SEO is backlinking. The top-ranking website on the Google search engine gets follow backlinks from various sources. Backlinking is the most authentic source of getting organic search traffic, which has a better chance of conversion then paid traffic. 

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List your business and website on directories

One of the benefits of off-page link building is that it keeps you updated with the latest publishing activities of your competitors. For instance, you can look for the directory where your competitors have not entered yet, and you can establish your presence there. 

Set up Google My Business

People are looking for salon services near your location and you gotta get them all in. You can use the ‘Google My Business’ tool to create your salon’s online profile in the search engine dedicated maps and results. You can add elements like contact details and email id so that the potential customers can contact you.

Be active on social media to generate traffic

We cannot help but stress the importance of social media. The impact of social media is long-lasting if you are actively monitoring every user engagement and replying to the comments. Practically, everyone is on some form of social media platform, so it pays great dividends to have a social media team deal with it. 

Run discount campaigns and events via dedicated landing pages 

You might have seen the meme ‘Repeat after me, if it’s on sale, you do need to buy it’. Well, that is not how it works. People get attracted to exclusive discount campaigns that lead straight to a dedicated landing page. This where you can increase sales first and then the traffic. 

Improve your customer satisfaction

Engage with the customers at an intimate level with context to issues dealt with ordering the product or the delivery delay. Such conversation portrays an image that you care for the customers, it will give you long term intangible faith results. Work towards that. 

Focus on ORM

Online Reputation management is understanding how netizens perceive your online presence. A professional reply to service-related bad reviews can be equally beneficial as-thanks-for a good review. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how to manage your online presence to let other SEO and technical efforts leverage your traffic and ranking. 

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Make use of Google Analytics and Search Console

Signup for Google Analytics, it is the holiest thing you can do in pushing your website ranking. With important information like bounce rates and visit duration under one dashboard, you continuously track the effectiveness of SEO and digital marketing campaigns.


To cut the long story short, you cannot have millions of followers/consumers over overnight. All of it happens at its own pace. You need to create a core audience, who stays by you no matter what, and then they become the vehicle to promote your business aka word of mouth. But first, you need to start with SEO and digital marketing tools to get that first line of followers.