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Homemakers and businesses are in constant need of experienced electricians. Skilled electricians are an integral part of our life, and without them, every business and dwelling will end up in the dark. This means your electrician business is bound to have a steady flow of customers if you do things the right way. In this scenario, SEO comes to the rescue.

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SEO lead conversions are loftier than traditional leads. This solution analyzes your website’s optimal functioning, fixes problems, and enhances your website by making it mobile-friendly.


  • It is said that 50% of mobile searches constitute local searches.
  • According to research, 80% of local searches are converted into potential clients.
  • 37% of customers are willing to purchase from a site that is mobile-friendly.
  • According to the demand metric, content marketing provides three times more quality leads compared to traditional media.

What is SEO for electricians?

SEO for electricians refers to the tactics and campaign that help an electrical business website gain more visibility and leads. Just a few years back, advertising an electrical business seemed like an extravagant affair. Traditional media was an expensive source and small businesses could not afford it.

SEO for electricians’ business has changed the marketing strategy completely. Nowadays, even small industries can list their business on Google and gain quality leads and visibility just by following a few steps.

It is the process of rendering visibility to your website more than your opponent’s website. You can consider it to be  an online marketing strategy that works on a personal level and with time it converts leads like crazy.

Why do Electricians need SEO?

Today’s customers rely on the internet before buying a service or commodity. Gone are the days when people used to wander in the streets to look for a service or product. So, if you want your business to grow exponentially, try SEO. This solution is not only budget-friendly but also brings more quality leads than any traditional marketing source.

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Most of the consumers don’t even watch out for other pages. They just focus on the first page and choose a service provider. According to a survey, first page websites get 71.33% clicks, whereas the second and third page only gets 5.59% of clicks.

To start on the Google first page, your website needs a set of keywords that are the most used words in the search engine. SEO helps in finding those keywords and provides your website with more clicks and leads.

The first five websites in the Google first page accounts for 67.60% of all the clicks and the last five websites only get 3.73% of all the hits.

How does SEO take you to Top Google Searches? 

Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimization is the method to optimize the website infrastructure. It serves as the base of a good website. Most of the marketers emphasize on content for good search engine ranking but a website’s infrastructure plays an important role in attracting clients too.

Technical SEO does not work on content but indirectly touches its value point. It focuses on optimizing URL structure, XML sitemaps, webpage speed, navigation, and more.

Build a mobile-friendly website

The most important reason to choose SEO is its ability to transform a desktop website into a mobile-friendly page. In this advanced era, where technology is ruling our lifestyle, mobile-friendly websites are a must.

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Google search engine rankings depend on the mobile-friendly aspect. Google doesn’t place websites on the first page if they are not mobile-friendly. You can also check how mobile-friendly your website is through Google mobile-friendly tests.

Enhance the loading speed

Most of the customers switch to other business websites if your landing page does not load in two seconds. Loading speed totally depends on your website infrastructure, junk URLs and error messages. Here are some of the ways you can use to elevate your loading speed:

  • Underrate the HTTP request
  • Combine and merge large files
  • Optimize DNS and curtail the server response duration
  • Compress data and webpage

Optimize the images

Image optimization is a method of compressing images to deliver a high-quality picture in the right format, dimension, size, and resolution. It can be done by various means, like reshaping, compressing, or caching the image quality.

If your website takes more than three seconds to load, most probably the visitors will discontinue your website. 


Keywords are the key point to rank in Google search engine. Choosing the right keywords will increase your website clicks and ranking in the search results. Keywords are basically the term that is used frequently to search for a product or service.

Keywords research

Keyword research is a code that is widely practiced by SEO professionals to provide high volume search terms. There are many tools that help in choosing the right keyword for your business. Choose the ones that at least secure 200 to 10,000 clicks. Always make sure to analyze these points.

  • How many clicks does a keyword get?
  • Choose Short tail words if your business is already securing high traffic otherwise resort to the long tail keyword.
  • The usefulness of the keyword.
  • Analyze your competitor’s website to get a deep understanding of keywords.

Keywords mapping

SEO helps in locating keywords in the most important spaces in your content to attract more clicks and leads. It allows search engines to witness the relevancy of the keyword and your website.

On-Page SEO

Achieving good results in the search engine depends on the optimizing factor. Off-page SEO also works when your on-page elements have a good base. The topography of the search engine is changing constantly, so on-page SEO data should get an update from time to time.

Keyword placement

Keyword placement is an important element of on-page SEO. The right positioning of the keyword on your website helps drive quality lead conversion and traffic. It is also vital for Google search engine rankings.

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Title tags

This is an HTML tag that is shown on the top while searching the website. It provides an initial clue about the website and its content. This tag is clickable and contributes to an organic search engine.

SEO makes sure to keep the title tag well-written and aboriginal. Poorly-versed title tags can prove to be haphazard. Try to avoid spam and imitated content.

Header tags

Header tags also come under HTML. These tags help in identifying heading and title in your content. Header tags make your website content more user-friendly, segmentation helps customers to understand the content easily.

Meta description

Meta descriptions are the overall summary of the article that should be written in less than 160 characters. Optimizing meta tags can indirectly impact Google search engine ranking. An optimized description will lead to more clicks and traffic. High-quality traffic is a key factor in lead conversion.

Create precise content

A huge chunk of words won’t help your electrician’s website grow exponentially. For overall growth, your content needs to be unique and short, so that it can grab the attention of the visitors without being very boring.

Keep the piece eye-catchy and avoid using jargon.

Off-Page SEO

If you want your electrician website to drive organic traffic and huge lead conversions, you seriously need an effective SEO strategy. Most of the marketers avoid off-page SEO because of its understated use. If you can optimize off-page SEO effectively, your business will start being lucrative in no time.

External links

External links are a great opportunity to win customers’ trust. These links are actually the link to another website that is used as a reference in certain other pages and sites. According to some top SEO experts, external links play an important role in Google ranking. External links are considered more viable than internal links because it is a neutral third-party opinion.

Build quality backlinks

Quality backlinks account to increase Google search engine rankings effortlessly. Utilize the power of guest blogging to create high-quality backlinks. Donate some content to other websites and use them for backlinks. A broken link building can also add up to the list of high-quality backlinks.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the best way to brand an electrician’s websites. Your customers come from the local area, so visitors who are using location-based search can be your potential clients. People nearby your business location needs to know about you and integrating with Google map will provide high accuracy visibility.

Google My Business optimization

Optimizing Google my business helps your business register in the local market and directories. This solution is best for gaining customer trust.

Make sure to fill up all the required fields, including your business hours. Keep the content accurate and honest. Do not try to fake information, this can lead to the termination of your Google account. Register for Google maps so that your customers reach up to your location easily.

Google My Business requires verification for proper address verification. Google headquarters will send a postcard with a code on your name and the address mentioned in the application.

Ask your customers to review your work

Make it a habit to collect reviews from your customers. Reviews and feedback work like a magic wand for converting doubtful leads to potential clients. You can use email or content marketing to ask for feedback as well. You can even ask for feedback personally by sending an email or request your clients to review your service through a blog.


SEO has changed the electricians’ business landscape by optimizing nature. It helps in improving the visibility in local areas and helps your website to rank in google search engines. SEO works as word-of-mouth and helps in attracting huge traffic. The optimization process helps in targeting a segmented audience for more leads and elevated sales.

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There are a lot of misconceptions regarding SEO, in this piece of work you will get all the key aspects of SEO for your better understanding. An electrician business website requires local traffic to boost its sales and subscription. SEO provides your website with the right amount of visibility that is needed for getting more clicks and leads.