Expert SEO For Educational Institutions

Rankiology has been working with various educational setups to provide them SEO support, and the results are quite promising.

Know The Reasons Why And How You Should Use SEO In The Education Sector

Any educational setup has to comply with both sides of the coin i.e. it has to provide quality education. Secondly, it has to operate as a business entity. SEO takes care of both elements.


Rankiology provides SEO for Educational services to various schools and helps them to fulfill dual responsibility with SEO being the weapon of choice.

Website Audit

Rankiology undertakes routine website audits to monitor the updates and the content pushed into the page.

Keyword Search

Content brings the website into an online presence, while it is the use of keywords that makes content identifiable to crawlers.

When Used Eight, PPC is a Very Potent Weapon

SEO for Educational can be a complete game-changer if used correctly. As in the case of an educational website, a properly curated course page can have more impact, than just any dry listing.



There are certain sets of SEO for Educational tools which work invariably in any cause, but then there are a certain set of SEO tools that need to be used according to the nature of the services or product. Same is the case for including SEO tools in the educational sector, Rankiology cherry-picks the SEO tools and implements for better results.

Importance Of SEO In Education-based Services

Students, Educators, And Parents, All Of Them Actively Use Search Engine

Every element that completes the ecosystem of the educational institute is on the web, be it student, parents, or teachers. This is your opportunity to use the SEO for Educational and make great progress in the educational eco-sphere. Below is a short encapsulation of the services that Rankiology provides.

Tracking Quality Traffic And Leads

Having a solid online presence requires ad campaigns to invite users to visit the page and familiarize themselves with the offerings. Now, Rankiology tracks the visit and the conversion that comes along with it.

PPC: Budget Management

Again another important instrument of bringing in new leads is pay per click ad campaigns. These campaigns if managed properly can provide great visibility. Rankiology has been managing such PPC campaigns for eternity now, you can trust us on this.

Keyword Strategy

As mentioned the keyword-rich content filled into the pages is important for an educational institute website. If the website provides all the information, students will physically visit the campus for further verification.

Content Management

An ideal page with relevant content should be both interesting and informative. Rankiology uses a combination of text, image, and videos to convey particular information.

Pandemic has disrupted every single aspect of human life, education being one of them. Slowly online education is taking place in the traditional system. Rankiology is all geared for the online education revolution.


There are many benefits that SEO can provide for online education


Increased traffic


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the utility of SEO for Educational is an increase in traffic. Now, for an educational institute, a regular flow of traffic is essential for gauging the reach of the educational institute.




Some of the new educational institutes already work on shoestring budgets. Rankiology understands this fact and tries to carve out ad campaigns that fit into the budget limitation of the institution.


Brand awareness


Brand awareness, which is usually done with a ‘word of mouth’ in the physical setup, has been transformed into this social media campaign trying to grab the attention of the students. Rankiology formulates social media campaigns keeping in mind the target numbers to be achieved.


Ensuring The Growth Of Educational Setup As Business Entity

Usually, students search for colleges or coaching institutions near their locations. The common search phrases include tip coaching institutes for the ‘XYZ’ course. The sites linked with Google locations show up in the top results. But the real chunk of search results lies beneath the Google listing. Rankiology aims to place your website at the top of any such listing regardless of the phrase used.


Naturally, over the years we have seen educational institutes with strong SEO for Educational support receive plenty of student queries. On the other hand, there are coaching institutes that lie on the second page of search results, which shows unplanned SEO implementation.

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