SEO For Dentists: Tips For Dental Practices To Rank #1 On Google9 min read

As a dentist, you will need to get a position on the first page of Google since there are a lot of physicians and their websites offering the same services. The perfect dental SEO practices make your website more optimized for improved visibility in the local area. It will help your website rank higher in Google and other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing.

Nowadays, before finalizing any service, people tend to check things online and make a decision. SEO optimizes your website to drive more clicks and traffic.

SEO For Dentists


Google Local came in limelight in the year 2004. The tech-giant utilized the information from all the sites and also added up other offline data to provide appropriate data to the users. The local search was a better option than traditional yellow pages because of google SERP. Google Maps was another push back for local SEO. It helped local SEO to thrive exponentially.

Some encouraging statistics on local SEO.

  • 97% of people probe online for local businesses
  • 20% of worldwide searches go to local business

Why is SEO critical for dentists?

Local businesses need SEO for reaching out to a broad segmented audience. Your website needs to place itself on the first page of Google for more exposure. Highly targeted optimization helps your website to captivate the ideal demographic for your dental practice.

Here are some advantages of dental SEO:

  • Your website will rank on the top of the google search engine
  • It provides a constant flow of prospects throughout
  • Your website earns more clicks and traffic
  • SEO assists you to transmit related information about your service
  • It makes you aware of the things that your audience needs
  • By using the right keywords you can target the right audience
  • This helps your patients to find you easier and faster
  • Boosts your website’s online existence
  • Helps in converting high-quality lead into the potential to clients

With time, marketing tactics change and so in this era, SEO is trending in the first position because of its optimization process. SEO is very important for your dental practice because the more people will know about you the more leads your service will get.

Why should dentists invest in local SEO?

Every business needs SEO for recognition and visibility. People won’t know about your dental practice, until or unless you reach them through any digital platform. This is why SEO is so critical for dentists.

SEO not only provides a platform to intimate people of your website but also offers them a way to communicate. Communication is the key to a well-established business. More awareness means more lead, these leads can be potential consumers.

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Some reasons that will attract you to SEO are:

  • SEO makes your online business available to every search engine.
  • It helps in improving your visibility and creates an extensive awareness to let people know about the services.
  • It optimizes your website to be mobile-friendly. This efficiently changes your desktop website to the handset friendly.
  • Google SEO makes your website star on the search results and it is more effective than traditional yellow pages.
  • This solution helps in attracting high-quality traffic. The more people will view your website, the more patients you will get.
  • Some people think that topping Google search results needs a lot of time. However, when it comes to the local market it is not very time-consuming.
  • For high strategy SEO, hire professionals who can plan and plot to make your website rank better.

SEO tips for dentists

Website architecture

Good website architecture is a key point for holistic development. Earlier websites were designed to look presentable on desktops. However, after the smartphone evolution, websites are specially designed to serve on mobile. Hiring web designers that can help you construct a good website to certify on Google mobile test.

Google has the power to edit your website if its performance on mobile devices is sub par. Always make sure your website opens in two seconds, otherwise your patients will shift their focus on other websites.

Keep updating your website to ensure a user-friendly experience. Old websites lag on certain aspects and also lack visibility on the search engine. If you want more people to view your website, all you need is a well-functioning page that suits your patient’s requirement.

Focus on local SEO

Local SEO works best for dental websites. People nearby your physical location need to know about your website to approach you and local SEO works best if your website is integrated with google maps.

Many dental marketing companies ignore Google Maps, but it is not only important for navigation but also makes your website more authentic and reliable.

Dental SEO_2


As mentioned earlier, local SEO helps your website to take the top space on search engines. There are more than 2.3 million searches on Google every second. So, if your website manages to secure the top spot, it will be the best source to get more and more leads.


  • Seek professional help for Google Maps integration. Experts help in analyzing other bugs that may affect your Google ranking.
  • Make your website run smoothly on any device.
  • Take up a Google mobile-friendly test once in a while to check your website’s performance.

Install google analytics and analyze

Google Analytics and SEO are on the same page. Google Analytics serves as the best tool to analyze user behavior on your website. Just by using GA, you can access all information about how your patients found you, what kind of content or pages they visit on a daily basis. All this for free of cost.

Here are some key points of GA integration.

Share your information with Google

After the GA setup process, you will find a pop up that asks for your data access. Don’t be skeptical about this, give them access to unravel the benefits of Google analytics. This will help Google look into your website thoroughly and provide you with data like user behavior, how much time they need to spend on your website, and more.


Sitelinks are used by the prospects to get on your website. Google examines the link structure and helps in achieving a shortcut link that makes your website easily available. Site links are a tool to navigate your website. It is shown whenever there is a search regarding your services. Along with sitelink, your business data and location are also easily accessible to the patients.

Dental SEO


URLs tracking

URL tracking gives your website an edge by providing access to track custom campaigns on Google Analytics. Make a habit of linking your campaign URL in all incoming websites. This way, your analytics data will improve exponentially.

Google My Business optimization

Updating Google My Business helps reach out to a segmented audience and establish a good engagement with the local customers. With Google Maps integration, your patients will know about your geographical location and this will help you in targeting those audiences easily.

Always fill up your listing and make sure you leave no blanks on the segments. Keep total transparency and honesty while filling out about your practice time and other fields. Link your Google My Business with every website.

Google recommends you about your website images and what suits them best, follow the instructions strictly.

The most important thing is to get verified. Google will post a postcard with a code to the address that you practice at for the verification process. If Google fails to verify your location, it will more harm your local searches.

Google My Business helps in boosting your search results by 25.12%.

Optimize services/procedure pages

Your service page should carry some unique content to attract more patients. Just explaining about cavity fillings, or braces won’t work. Your procedure page should look presentable and worth the patient’s time.

Patients are very skeptical while choosing a dentist and your procedure page should have information that will encourage them to choose you. Include your past experiences and your educational qualification. State about your specialization field. Make the content an honest overview of your dental practice. Transparency is the key to convert leads to potential clients, especially with any case study that you include.

Request Patient Reviews

After the smartphone evolution, people tend to believe everything that is available online. Use this fact to boost your SEO and practice. Reviews signals are very important in Google search rankings.

According to a study, 90% of people use online reviews to examine a dentist. So, your website’s reputation is the first thing that will either attract the client or distract them. Make a habit of asking for feedback and reviews. Take negative feedback positively and seek advice on how to make it better.

Dental SEO_4


Use social media or email marketing to encourage them to leave feedback or reviews. According to research, only 1% of people resign on very negative feedback and 10% leave average feedback.

Links, Citations & Listings

Links play a very important part of SEO. The significance of link building was often ignored earlier but now with a website, links go hand in hand. This trend needs to be followed for making your online business grow more with every passing day.

The search engine uses links to:

  • Search and discover new websites online
  • Determining the rank your website needs for attracting more traffic

Link building should always involve experienced professionals who can generate high-quality links. A link that is full of spam will lead to face penalties from Google and will also lead to low traffic and lead conversion.

Your website needs quality links from local directories. Local directories are well-renowned in the local space and will give an authentic appearance to your website.


Tracking the progress of your website is important because it will help you to analyze the problems that are hampering your website’s performance. There are different tools to monitor all the marketing campaigns and progress rate.

Tracking your used keywords for Google rankings also helps you to know your competitor’s keyword to success. Use it for future reference and achieve great ranking with the help of a tool.

However, if you are skeptical about tracking google ranking, go for searching Google from an incognito profile. It will show accurate google search ranking.


Dental SEO is the best way to boost your website and optimize it to achieve high traffic and conversion leads. You just need to construct a good website, integrate it with google maps, and see the wonder to attract more audience.

Dental SEO_3


Most dentists are not aware of the benefits of SEO and this piece covers all the information regarding SEO.