SEO For Car Dealers: Techniques That Guarantee Success9 min read

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Several businesses have rapidly turned digital in the past few years and the automobile market is no different. The primary thing car dealers need to keep in mind is proper communication with the customers.

SEO For Car Dealers


In case of a digitally managed automobile business, SEO plays a vital role to upkeep its prominence in the digital world. Potential customers get attracted to only a few car dealers who execute proper SEO for their business websites.

According to a recent report of DialogTech, 95% global vehicle buyers search online for the best cars. Moreover, 14% of the vehicle buyers around the world approach a car dealer through the website. Furthermore, double the people self-educate themselves about cars through the dealer’s website compared to the ones to visit them.

So, it is quite clear that car dealers can expect a decent improvement in their business as they prioritise SEO seeking help from the experts. Although the SEO experts take care of all the processes, one must know the basic facts in detail.

Why does your car dealer business need SEO?

Proper SEO is vital for every digital automobile business for different reasons. Some of them are given below. All car dealers can expect the following things to happen to their business on implementing outstanding SEO works.

More lead generation

Automobiles are luxury commodities that only a minor fraction of the global mass desire to purchase. However, given the global population, the number of such people is massive. Proper SEO by car dealers enhance the chances of lead generation. 

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Leads are basically sales contacts that might turn into a customer in future. Decent lead generation helps a business website to make a good position in the digital media market. Often a single lead spreads information regarding a car dealer and his services resulting in more lead generation. Proper SEO simply boosts up this process.

Increased traffic

Traffic is the total number of people who visit any website in a specific time period. The best thing for a car dealer’s website is huge traffic as it boosts up overall performance and responsiveness of the website.

One the other hand, more traffic on a website helps to restrict the expense of digital business. It can just execute proper SEO to improve traffic and avoid publishing online advertisements any further.

However, the SEO experts must always ensure blanched traffic on a website as it can crash if the number of traffic is too high at a point of time.

Enhancing brand reputation

Every car dealer has a brand value on the digital market. Proper SEO ensures a top-ranking position of a car dealer’s website as per the search results. It enhances proper brand reputation as potential customers develop a positive outlook for the website.

A car dealer’s website should always try to hold the first rank on the organic listing. However, it depends on whether it is a large business with a global customer base or regional.

As per a recent report of ImpactBnd, 61% of the total global marketers credit SEO activities for the overall improvement of their businesses. Furthermore, 70% of dealers think that it is more effective than PPC ads. Google further informs that clicks on the top five links on any search result hold 68% of the total clicks.

The above statistics distinctively shows the vitality of SEO activities for a business to sustain and grow in the digital world. Automotive dealers must consider these stats and seek efficient SEO experts for their websites.

Tried-and-tested SEO tips of a car dealer SEO

Now, let us check some outstanding tips that can ease the SEO work for every car dealer. Generally, SEO experts ensure that the following activities are properly done. However, a car dealer should be aware of the following and work accordingly from his end.

  • Focus on local SEO- Local SEO is vital for a business website as it increases its hold locally. A car dealer website must focus on local SEO to attract local audiences as they have a higher chance of turning to a lead.

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Local SEO is also crucial for an automobile dealer’s website as a geographical area plays an important role in the case of the business. Most customers can choose a local car dealer to purchase a vehicle rather picking a dealer located at a distance.

  • List the dealer in multiple directories- There are several online business directories which have both regional and global coverage areas. Registration to these online business directories is mainly free and easy. However, a few can charge the car dealer during registration and on a timely basis.

These business directories act as a search engine as many people look through these to pick reputed car dealers. To ensure generating proper leads, a car dealer should enlist his website to the relevant directories. One must also not forget to include the contact details and testimonials of the business.

  • Work on Google My Business page- The Google My Business page is an excellent localized strategy for any regional business. SEO experts or the dealer can work on this page as the website of an automobile dealer shows up on a top rank in case of local searches.

The dealer needs to create a profile on Google My Business Page along with all necessary information regarding the organization and some images. Here, a dealer can go through the reviews of the customers, inform them and answer their questions. Dealer activities on Google My Business page can improve the website’s repute.

  • Be regular with content updates- Contents play a vital role in informing people about an automobile business through a website. As an SEO activity, one must ensure the presence of informative content on the website. These contents must inform the services.

Regular content updates help to attract traffic on a website and increase the chances of sales. To add diversity to the contents, one can publish facts and reviews of the car. The dealer can add organizational information such as location and contact details on content to improve its quality. Generally, SEO executives look after the contents and their quality.

  • Work on internal linking- Links and landing pages are the basic elements on which a website works. Internal linking enhances connectivity among webpages in a single domain. This acts as a vital step for upscaling the online marketing strategy of a car dealer website.

Proper internal linking of a page provides multiple benefits like proper information flow, lucid access to content, increased page views. It also reduces the bounce rate resulting in a person staying on the website. The aspect of developing internal links for a website remains the responsibility of the SEO experts.

  • Guest blog- Guest blog is an excellent aspect of SEO and improving the quality of guest posts help a website to get desirable exposure in the market. Guest blogs are generally linked with a different blog with the help of internal links.

In the case of an automobile website, regular guest posting helps to increase relevant leads to the website. It also improves connectivity with local influencers. One can also get a decent amount of backlinks for a website which helps to improve ranks of your website. 

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Car dealers can write guest blogs for their websites or hire professional bloggers to execute the work. Every dealer must give importance to guest blogs as an SEO element as it leads to proper social media exposure.

  • Create a user-friendly website- As a vital SEO tip, a car dealer must ensure making a user-friendly website. This ensures proper engagement of the audience. A dealer must choose reliable website designers who can execute this job.

All other SEO activities depend vitally on the overall website design. Moreover, a car dealer should opt for a mobile responsive website. Nowadays, a majority of end-users use different gadgets to access websites.

Furthermore, a car dealer website must have a proper platform where a customer can go for a deal and finalize it. Safety must be the primary concern for all the dealers as the customers can easily go for cash transactions.

A balanced number of tags, bars and navigation features make a website user-friendly whereas too many features minimize its user-friendliness.

  • Make a great keyword strategy- Keywords are the primary element of any web search. Customers input these keywords on a search engine and look for relevant websites. A car dealer must take the keyword strategy seriously.

Dealers should carry out extensive keyword research for the website according to the commodities and services he deals with. Both words and phrases can act as keywords. The presence of keywords is must for the on-site contents, blogs and guest posts. It helps to improve the means of access to the websites. However, one must avoid unnatural keyword stuffing as it adversely affects the content.

  • Collect customer reviews- There are several ways that a car dealer can take to collect customers reviews online. This is an effective SEO tip which helps to boost repute and responsiveness of the website.

A dealer can collect customers reviews from the social networking sites, business directories, Google My Business page or the website itself. Response to the customer reviews elevates the chances of proper engagement and sales resulting in a proper profit.


In the years to come, online dealing of cars can turn a common thing as the post COVID era will lead to a business paradigm shift. There are several SEO agencies that work for the betterment of websites at affordable charges.

Entrepreneurs who deal with automobiles must choose such an agency to ensure proper SEO. Search Engine Optimization has developed relevancy as it provides desired results to the websites. Moreover, it saves a lot of expenses for business as PPC becomes optional.

SEO for car dealers in a must as it delivers 24/7 promotion to the websites. Moreover, it is a long-term process, unlike advertising. As there are several SEO agencies, car dealers can get all the services at competitive prices.


The experts in these agencies work well in-lieu with the car dealers leading them to incur huge profits with the automotive dealership over time. However, the dealers should always execute SEO related tasks from their end for optimum results.