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There are many myths doing rounds in the market about real estate. Some people assert it is a risky business idea but in reality, it is among one of the most lucrative sectors. Real estate is one of the most flourishing businesses in today’s world. It provides stability and high income with low or no investment if done in a strategic way.

Real Estate SEO


Having a website makes this business idea more viable with its easy-to-reach policy. Earlier, reaching a large audience was an expensive affair but now is more simple and inexpensive, all thanks to so many emerging digital platforms.

Online platforms not only help in enhancing brand visibility but also create an impressive networking blueprint to elevate the overall growth. Digital platforms are a great stage for diversified marketing. This will help real estate business holders reach a great height in less time.

Even studies prove that 86% of property shoppers rely on real estate websites as an authentic source of information. Around 44% of people begin their property search online.

What is real estate SEO and why do you need it?

Real estate SEO is one of the most trending topics all across the globe. SEO, in general, works on a global stage but real estate SEO is more about concentrating on a local format. Local SEO targets content that is created for a specific area for geographic pertinence.

There are many benefits of real estate SEO. Here are a few of them to help your way/

Creates a buzz on new project updates

Real estate SEO practices magic bullet theory for marketing purposes. It helps in injecting new updates on the project front and circulates them in the market via social media, video content, blog, and more. The more buzz is created around the project, the more attention it will grab. This is a foolproof strategy to elevate sales and lead conversion.

Smartly engages clients

Engaging clients is very important for a business to grow. The more your website fetches attention, the less it will have the chance of facing losses. The website can engage clients via social media posts. You can create content that is local, logical, and emotional.

Unlimited reach in the limited time frame

Real estate holders are fond of SEO because it is a great tool to reach an unlimited audience in real-time. Surplus website reach leads to a surplus income. Social media is a great source to spread a word like fire. By posting regular updates of your projects, you can stir a sensation in local areas that will initiate massive lead conversions.

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Request all your existing clients to give feedback on your page or social media account. This is a great way to convert doubtful leads into potential customers.

Encouraging statistics on real estate

  • 46% of Generation X (people born before 1985) and 58% of Generation Millennials (people after 1985, but before 1996) got property via real estate websites by a smartphone.
  • 70% of property shoppers rely on online content for an authentic real estate agency.

How to generate more real estate leads with SEO

Optimize your website

Website optimization depends on various aspects. First, you need to point out all the issues regarding your website. Following that, you need to make a strategy to support the optimization process.

A perfectly optimized web page is vital for local exhibitions. All you need to do is keep all SEO requisites in your website and also include the below-mentioned objects:

  • Meta description optimization and SEO compatible URLs
  • Optimizing content and site speed.
  • SEO friendly keywords
  • Optimizing images and CTR
  • Optimizing bounce rate and tags
  • SSL Certification
  • Redirecting links

Most of the techniques need an SEO expert or implementation. If you are not an SEO professional, hire an expert and enjoy the unlimited benefits of SEO.

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List on various property listing sites

With digitalization, searching property has become a lot easier than it was earlier. Nowadays, people can access hundreds of certified properties just by a single click.

There are many property websites that create space for listing houses and plots by charging a minimal amount. All you need to do is list images and information about your property on these websites and they will become the carrier for reaching a larger audience.

Creating on-page engaging content

Engagement is all about building a relationship where you can interact with your clients or audience. For creating value-added content, you need to step up this game by publishing content that attracts a lot of traffic.

Here are a few ways that will help you create engaging content:

  • Publish weekly newsletters and ebooks, this helps clients to know about your website and also take interaction on a higher level.
  • Be creative in a storytelling style. Stories are always the best option to engage the audience.
  • Always keep endurance and devotion on top priority.
  • Try to keep the content precise but impactful.

Work on backlinking through off-page content

Off-page SEO works by building backlinks. The more your web page will include backlinks, the better ranking it will get. The ranking depends on the site that you have backlinked If it has a great review and ranking then for sure it will benefit your website.

To make your website rank on top try those that have equity. Getting a great position in SEO ranking on off-page is quite simple if you keep these things in mind.

  • Make sure to use the link that is raw and unique
  • Backlink the site that has relevance to your topic
  • Make sure to check the website’s popularity before use
  • Check the credibility of the backlinking site
  • Look for another link that includes in backlinking site 
  • How the backlinking site have used the anchor text

Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly websites are needed for the hour because around 48% of people use mobile for locating properties that suit their needs.

Create your website as per standard mobile optimization, so that your potential shoppers can access the website from any device.

Here are 7 major tracts that you should keep in mind while making your website mobile-friendly.

  • Reactive layout
  • Speed while loading the webpage
  • Interactive homepage
  • High usability
  • Accurate site navigation
  • Impressive site probe
  • Elevated conversions

These points are very important for your website’s ranking. Visitors expect your website to open in just two seconds. Failure to do this will lead to forfeiting potential clients. If your web page speed is low, there is a huge chance that visitors will shift to a more mobile-friendly website. This will also bring low Google rankings.

Some tips for mobile optimization:

  • Operate your site on a mobile-friendly test powered by Google. It will also help in examining the bugs that are leading to slow speed.
  • Eliminate advertisement that creates a blockage for clients to access your website.
  • Make your website navigation friendly, Google rankings depend on this aspect.
  • Keep your website’s homepage simple and understandable. It should include precise contents, menus with large tabs.
  • Image optimization is important. Ameliorate the image size and make sure to add alt text.

Focus on building social media interactions

Social media doubles your SEO exertions, it might not help in getting a better position in google ranking but is surely going to help in reaching a large audience.

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Social media is helpful because:

  • It helps in reaching a segmented audience.
  • Social media brings more traffic to your website.
  • Encourage lead conversions.
  • This platform can be used to aware shoppers about your website.

Real estate business holders have to work a lot for digital visibility. An easier way to gain visibility is to sign up on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

List your properties on google map

Google maps help in the constant flow of clients. Your properties listed in google maps will also make your business authentic and viable.

If your business is not listed in google map then you will surely lose some quality clients and rankings. Clients need to know about your physical location for verification 


Try creating video content in vernacular

Videos create a long-lasting impact on the audience. This will make you a class apart from your competitors.

For this you need to:

  • Sign up on Youtube and know how to use it according to your needs.
  • Your social media pages should contain videos of the channel or provide a link.
  • Streaming live is a popular ongoing trend. Make them on Facebook and Instagram.

Use keywords that help in local search. Keep them in headlines and hashtags.

Gather testimonial

Testimonials are a great way to convert dubious leads into consumers. You can use Facebook surveys and reviews, Youtube comments, LinkedIn suggestions, and google alerts. 

Try to collect commendations from legitimate sites, that will help clients to understand your brand nicely. According to a study, 91% of people aged around 18-34 believe online surveys and feedbacks.


Real estate SEO has encouraged many businesses to achieve great height with minimum input. The key mantra to have a successful real estate business is to stick on the objective and be patient.

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Online platforms deliver quality content and information so that clients can acquire all the needed data and location for better functioning. Buying a house involves beliefs and feelings. So, posting video content or blog content that involves a sentimental aspect is the best option.