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Rankiology helps you shape your dreams via developing the app you desire over both AppStore and Google PlayStore. Additionally, you get a good level of optimization for marketing too. A win-win situation!

Get All Your Multi-platforms Applications Solutions From Rankiology

Versatile Framework

With some of the leading experts in the industry, we help our clients with applications that have a universal UI. The frameworks are developed to run smoothly across all mobile platforms.

App Marketing for iOS

We help our clients with application development and marketing over the Apple AppStore. Developed with the latest UX requirements, the apps are efficient to run over almost all the iOS versions around the globe.

App Marketing for Android

Owing to our expertise over both the major application stores on a mobile platform, we also help our clients brand Android applications on the PlayStore with the latest marketing techniques.


Converting Dreams Into Reality, Helping Startups And Businesses To Grow And Expand

Setting a trend and revolution in people’s lives, application development, marketing and branding are the next big things in the industry to get hold of a larger share of the market. With our co-operative and easy to reach team, developing applications for the entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses has been easier than ever.
Ranging from our expert developers and experienced digital marketers, Rankiology has the necessary tools and talent under its roof.


Owing to our expertise in the field of app development, we at Rankiology not only develop applications based on a singular platform but also work over hybrid applications. With the best in class UI/UX and tried-and-tested marketing tactics, we help our clients perform well with smart apps and attract a larger customer base and thereby, get better rankings and download.

Hybrid Applications

We help you in developing applications with programming languages that have universal acceptance.

Native Applications

Native applications or platform-specific applications help the user generate a good user base under a specified platform, Apple Store or Play Store.


Here Is What Rankiology Brings To The Table For Application Marketing

Latest Marketing Techniques

With our pool of developers and digital marketers always updated with their tech, it is easy for you to select and be in touch with the latest upgrades in your next application.

Easy To Reach

One of the major things to consider before marketing an application is a friendly team. With our easy to reach team at Rankiology, you can provide your suggestions and we will work on them.


Our work ethics direct us to keep our clients updated over every single campaign of marketing of any given application. With such transparency, it becomes easy to provide smooth and co-operative service.


Our team of digital marketers works round the clock to provide you with the best, but without burning a big hole in your finances.


Talk With Us Once and See How We Can Turn Your Dream Into Reality


See What Our Clients Say About Us

Rankiology puts emphasis on every form of feedback by the clients, be it a criticism or praise. We let the praise slide by and work on improving ourselves based on the client's suggestion.

Make Use Of Our Versatility

Choose From A Pool Of Services That Suit You Best

Having a pool of expert developers, designers and marketers, Rankiology brings in years of experience to the table. With every individual being a subject matter expert, it becomes easy for us to provide the clients with a wide range of services in mobile app marketing.
Ever since Rankiology came into existence, the company has been successful in gathering a number of clients from across the globe, adding to our list of expertise. With a vision to shape ideas to a sustainable mobile application, we believe in providing strong and sound structural marketing campaigns for every project we undertake. With such visions, our clients turn to be a part of this growing family.
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What’s Our Key Focus While Marketing Mobile Applications?

Some Key Features Of Rankiology’s Mobile App Marketing

While developing a mobile application might sound easy, there are many essential factors to consider while it’s marketing:


  • The applications we develop are completely optimizable, occupying the least of space in a users device. Applications with high optimization tend to attract more downloads.
  • Another major feature application development is its total look and appeal. The UI/UX of the application we develop and market are designed in a way that it doesn’t become monotonous for its users. A great UI is what helps in the app marketing as well.
  • Every market has competition and so is the case with mobile applications. While there might always be a similar application, our inhouse designers focus on providing features that make them stand among the rest.
  • The application should be very prompt to the customer response. Our marketers are willing to work on making the application better by improving it over periodic intervals by providing suitable upgrades in the branding campaigns.
  • We understand your customer should feel valued and prioritised to retain the app and its utility.
  • To leave a mark on the customers and initiate a better response rate, the applications that we design are preferably the first choice of your target audience. So, when it comes to the development and marketing of mobile-based applications, we put ourselves in the shoes of the customers for the UI and UX.

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