6 Effective Tips to Get Your Medical Website on Top of Google SERP7 min read

Medical Website

Every business wants to feature on the top of Google, to raise its sales and ROI. Almost 89% of the patients search online before consulting a healthcare provider. Medical SEO helps in gaining more visitors that can easily hike your sales. As more people will see you, higher are the chances of lead conversion.

Certain things help websites to rank higher in Google. Here are 6 effective tips for raising the ranking of medical websites on Google. 

1. Google My Business

To gain visibility, businesses create a Google Business listing. However, creating a Business profile is not enough; you need management over it to use it as a tool for lead conversion and high visibility. The management is attained by creating a separate account in Google My Business. 

Google My Business is the only way to claim your business online. It gives you the power to control your business profile to generate high-quality leads and organic traffic. First, attain your management rights and then unlock extra features to improve your website’s visibility. For medical websites, having a Google My Business account is of utmost importance because patients will need your physical location on the map to reach you.

Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to manage and optimize your business profile on Google. The business profile appears in the local results of Google and Maps. 

Creating a business profile is simple. Google only requires the business name, category, and location. Once all your given information is verified, Google will create a business profile for that location. The business profile is open for comments, feedback, questions & answers, and photos. The profile can also be over-occupied with information that Google drives out from the web. 

Google My Business helps in customizing and managing business profiles to drive organic traffic and leads.

2. Keyword Research

A robust medical SEO starts with keyword research. You need to identify some suitable and relevant keywords to include in your online content. Keywords bring organic traffic, that can lead to sales. This chronology is a little complex as you need to do a lot of research. You can also analyze your competitor’s content to get a holistic insight. Do not jump into words that cannot provide enough traffic to your website.

The first 5% organic results account for almost 67.7% of all clicks. This statistic means you need to be on the top for getting all the attention. 29% of keywords over 10,000 searches per month consists of more than three words. So, going for a long-tail keyword will give you more chances to get clicked.

While describing your services, incorporate location-based modifiers to the keywords in your social media page, business listing, and website pages. Geographical location keywords should be used in titles, sub-headers, image tag, body, and meta description of your web pages to drive high-quality traffic and leads.

You must include keywords related to your industry and attract local consumers to incorporate location in the keyword. For example- best medical provider Mumbai, Best dental clinic Mumbai, Best ENT in Gwalior, and more.

3. Social Media Sharing

Social media is a huge asset when it comes to marketing. A well-thought post can drive massive traffic to your website. All you need is a strong social media base to achieve high-quality traffic. Set up your social media account and put all necessary details like business name, contact number, address, and mail id. Ensure all your details are valid, the contact number email id you offer must be in working condition.  

For medical SEO, your social media page must be the best reflection of the services you provide. Incorporate images, videos, podcasts, and things related to healthcare in the posts. Share blogs on healthcare and your field of expertise. Be clear on the educational background of the professionals, so that patients can rely on the services.

Make a habit of posting 2-3 posts per day and keep the post upright’s quality. Share things related to your field, but irrelevant posts on a special occasion are apt like Independence day, Newyear, Christmas, and more. 

People need to know good things about your service to rely on you and visit your location. Make your posts engaging and provide your business location on Facebook so that people can comment and tell their experiences and problems. Use location hashtags to enhance visibly. Your social media should be interactive and must answer back viewers’ queries in a short span. This is a great way to take your website up in Google ranking.

4. Lower Uptime and Add Security

Optimizing websites for search engines is a common practice these days. People invest a lot of time structuring their sites, creating content, and building links. These things are done to please the Google bot for higher ranking. However, if your uptime is terrible, all the other SEO work will go in vain, and you can lose your leads to your competitors.

Uptime is one of the most important factors for Google ranking. When Google bot lists your website, it puts them to its regular crawling. In simple words, Google will test load pages from your website daily. The crawling also depends on the website’s popularity; if your website is popular, it is more likely to get tested. If your whole website or many pages is frequently unavailable or too sluggish, Google will consider it an unreliable source, and you will automatically lose your ranking. 

Google is not unreasonable, as it tests websites several times and in different time frames. After making multiple attempts, if your website is still down, Google will remove the website from their listing. You have to do all the medical SEO work again, and meanwhile, you will lose your prospects and revenue. 

Here are some suggested measures

  • Update your website regularly, and make sure it is built nicely. If you are uncertain about coding, hire professional help.
  • Measure and monitor your website’s response time. You will find services on the web that can help you with this.
  • Always monitor your website’s uptime and quickly fix your website if it’s down. Use uptime monitoring services that can send you alerts about the fluctuations.
  • When you take down the page, use proper server error codes, don’t just put sorry down for maintenance. Use error pages and a status page where customers can query about your service.
  • Be cautious about expiring domains, or expiring SSL, as they can unpleasantly alter the website.
  • Employ Google Webmaster Tools and check that your website is not registered in the crawl error category.

5. High-quality Content

Many businesses deem SEO and content marketing two different things that share no common ground. However, the truth is contrasting as SEO and content marketing are related and complement each other. Without high-quality content, you cannot attract viewers to your website for a long time. Useful and relevant content helps websites to drive organic traffic and motivates viewers to stick to your website.

Google deems your CTR as the most valid factor to rank your site. The more people will click on your webpage; the higher are the chances of a better Google ranking. High-quality content helps you get backlinks, with more backlinks from authorized websites you can elevate your position in SERP’s ranking. 

Creating content is the only way to incorporate keywords in your website to drive traffic. Make sure to choose quality keywords and use them strategically to compete with other medical websites. 

6. Optimize Images & Video Clips

Optimizing images means reducing the file size of images to promote uptime. Resize your images to reduce the dimensions of the picture. The file size is the actual amount of storage it needs to store on the server. Higher dimension pages will slow your page load time. However, while reducing, you need to scale down the time size without hampering the image’s quality.

Make sure to pick the correct file format; choose PNG for simple images and JPEG for colorful images. 


Every medical website must keep its website easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. They must provide useful information for the patient to make their consultation journey hassle-free.