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Gone are the days when conventional coaching centers were the only option for the students to seek guidance. Today, where every industry is accepting and adopting digitization, the education industry is also coming out with its digital landscape, creating a new scope for the students to learn.

An insight into online coaching

Online coaching is getting more and more popular nowadays. The survey conducted recently states that 90% of students appearing for government exams like SSC, IBPS, JEE, NET, GATE, RRB, UPSC, etc. mostly prefer online coaching over offline classes. 

Moreover, the thing that surprised the most is 63% of these aspirants register their names for live classes while 29% of them prefer to use recorded lectures.

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Now the question is why?

The most prominent reason that the aspirants stated is convenience. Students taking online classes can study at their own convenience. Choosing live classes, they get access to interactive sessions with their favorite faculty where all their queries are solved instantly.

20% of students are even ready to pay some extra amount to access the live classes online.

Marketing strategies for coaching institutes

In this digital era, where everything is going digital marketing coaching institutes digitally is not a big thing. Rather we would say, online marketing for coaching institutes is as essential as online marketing for an e-commerce business. Not just to make money out of it, but to educate the students about your online presence.

In today’s date, 59% of the global population remains active online. They browse the web first to search their queries, instead of visiting door to door to serve their purpose.

Students or aspirants willing to take admission in a reputed coaching institute first go online to find the best institute among the hundreds. Their decisions depend on what they find over the web.

However, marketing coaching institutes online is not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and guidance to witness the optimum results.

Are you planning to market your coaching institute online?

Keep reading to find the digital marketing strategies that can help to promote your institute and make it stand out from the crowd.

Note them down!

Follow 10 digital marketing strategies to promote your coaching institute

Conduct extensive market research

Securing the top position in the educational industry is indeed a difficult job. As plenty of coaching institutes are rising daily ensuring to provide the best guidance to the students. Hence, it is necessary to conduct extensive market research and get an insight into the competitors before setting off for the next step.

With comprehensive market research, you can get a grip on the following things –

  • Updated trends and marketing strategies in the educational industry
  • Marketing activities of your competitors
  • Identify problems and bring out effective marketing solutions
  • Trending tools the marketers usually make use of
  • Primary and secondary keywords that are relevant to your coaching institutes

Keywords are the primary element in digital marketing, depending on which a business takes off and flourish worldwide. So, better if you care about it at the initial stage.

Set up a WordPress website

Once you are done with your competitor research, your next step would be to build your digital presence by setting up a website. For a coaching institute, developing a WordPress website is enough.

A WordPress is a free open source CMS platform that can be used to build customized websites related to the educational industry. It is easy to install, easy to use, and most importantly, it is packed with tons of advanced features that turn the website effective and user-friendly.

Make sure you add engaging videos, audio files, and appealing content to draw more visitors to the site.

List your business name on local listing sites

Plenty of local listing sites and directories are there over the web. These include JustDial, Sulekha, Grotal, TradeIndia, etc. List your business name on these sites and promote your brand by various companies and organizations.

Make use of education portals

Even the education portals have a separate corner for listing the business name, especially for the educational institutes. One foremost reason for using these portals is they have the maximum power of attracting more students and aspirants residing online.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a fundamental digital marketing technique widely used by the coaching institutes to market online. In fact, this is the easiest and fastest way to reach out to the targeted audience directly.

If you already run an educational institute, probably you have a list of the names who have taken admission to your center. Contact them directly through the mail.

You can use a personalized email template to connect with your targeted students and ask them to subscribe to your channel or give you feedback about their experience.

Emails can also be used to send promotional messages or transactional messages to your contact list. This develops loyalty and builds a good customer-business relationship, acquiring more students for the coaching institute.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the most demanding marketing technique nowadays. Studies have found that marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels are less time-consuming compared to other marketing techniques.

2018 Surveys have shown that around 90% of teenagers (between 13-17) actively use social media. Among them, 75% have at least one social media account. 51% of youths are found on social media daily. While two-thirds of them use their own mobile devices.

Statistics thus proved how powerful and effective will be social media marketing for coaching institutes.

Quora marketing

Probably, you have forgotten about Quora, the website that provides space to ask questions and get answers from the users. Quora marketing is thus considered as an important marketing tool for the coaching institutes.

Using Quora, you can promote your coaching business simply by answering the relevant questions asked by the students. It is the most popular rank-driven marketing platform that can drive huge organic traffic to the website.

However, to achieve this, you have to be proper with your answers and attach relevant links of your websites for better results.

Run advertising campaign

Even coaching business requires proper advertising – to spread brand awareness, to promote business locally and globally, and eventually to attract more students to the coaching institute.

Paid ads campaigns can be run on different digital platforms including search engines and social media. Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and Instagram ads are a few advertising channels that you can use to boost your online visibility and quality audience.

Build a mobile application

Studies have found that 58% of college students make use of mobile devices to browse online for academic purposes. They even use mobile applications to serve their educational need.

Hence, building a mobile application for your website or creating a mobile-friendly platform is equally essential as having a coaching website. Mobile applications featured with user-friendly options like download e-study materials, watch videos, download lectures, etc. often attract the users a lot.

Mobile applications for coaching business can even be used for marketing purposes. You can run mobile advertisements to retain the users and build engagement, thereby empowering the business with a lot of profit.

Create effective content

No marketing is possible without the creation of effective content. For coaching business websites, it is important to note that content should be more informative and less promotional.

Remember, you are not promoting your products or services. Rather you are responsible for offering knowledge and guidance to the students aspiring for different competitive exams.

Apart from writing engaging web content and attractive ad copies, education-related blogs and articles are also important to educate the students and keep them engaged with the platform. You can even create engaging educational video content to drive in more audiences and increase the number of viewers.

The rise of online coaching institutes

The demand for online coaching has left the marketers with no reason to avoid moving their coaching institutes online. Understanding the importance of online coaching and finding the leverages that cater to both students and marketers, online coaching institutes came into the picture.

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Browsing the web, you will find several coaching institutes that have an outlet in your area have a separate corner for their online students as well. In fact, conducting classes online and marketing the same on different digital mediums have now become the trend.


Promoting coaching institutes is no longer a tiring approach. Though it takes time and requires a lot of patience, the cost-effective methodologies have encouraged plenty of marketers to rely on digital marketing.

Are you not happy with the ROI generated from your coaching institute? Consult with a digital marketing expert and observe the result.