Trying to cement a place for your brand online is challenging. Just the sheer number of platforms out there on the web makes it all the more difficult. Magento SEO rules the roaster as an e-commerce development platform.
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The experience that we have gathered over the years has helped us realize the fact that the combination of a powerful platform and apt SEO plan can work wonders for an upcoming eCommerce venture. So much so, that it can level the playing field amidst the presence of giants.

Customized Magento SEO Services

Let your e-commerce platform have the virtue of flexible design with custom changes. Rankiology curates each product page according to the demands of the client and the situation at hand. Customized SEO solutions help to tap into the market that has largely been untapped due to stagnant SEO plans.

Upgrade With Time

Changes keep coming up under the vast umbrella of the Magento platform. Each update requires a change in the SEO and digital marketing plans. Rankiology works closely with the development team to figure out the changes. These changes can sometimes be leveraged with apt SEO tools to boost the flow of traffic.

Seamless Communication Of Payment Information

Lend your users with a strong payment and shipping framework, with a creatively crafted payment details page. The content team at Rankiology provides a clear picture regarding the secured payment framework and other delivery policies in text or video formats.

Seo Support Round The Clock

For relatively new e-commerce platforms, it is tough to manage various loose ends all at once. Rankiology covers those loose end by providing them constant support. We have a support team working round the clock to assist in SEO related stuff.


Now, optimizing an eCommerce platform to increase its visibility and ranking is a different ball game. Some of the SEO practices which work great for other niches may turn out to be futile in the E-commerce realms.
Rankiology studies the platforms in and out to gauge which SEO solutions can provide an increased ROI. More than that, we work on SEO based solutions for obstacles that have a deep-rooted connection with visibility and market awareness.


With numerous Magento based eCommerce SEO projects, we have realized how we can continuously provide quality service.


Generally, providing quality SEO service is misinterpreted as involving all of the SEO resources. While at Rankiology, we have understood with our past experiences that quality service means providing the right solutions at the right time.


One other reason for our reliability is the presence of skilled professionals who know the platform in its entirety. They are attuned to deliver solutions on the go, with a minimum discrepancy.


The talent pool that we have at Rankiology is a perfect mix of young and experienced professionals. They work in tandem to boost the performance of your eCommerce platform with SEO tools.


We stay true to the quotation. You won’t be caught off-guard with a sudden spike in monetary remuneration. Also, we know that most of the e-commerce is new and they operate with limited budgets. So, we take budget factors into consideration and craft plans that provide maximum value for money.


Rankiology always tries to cut down on cost wherever possible to provide a budget-friendly service. We believe in spending each dime judiciously So, keep tweaking SEO plans until the maximum return is not forecasted.

Along with being a budget-sensitive SEO firm, Rankiology, also keeps the results first, and tries to plug in every SEO tool to meet the results. There’s no compromise with the results, even if it means altering the SEO plans a hundred times, we will do it. Such is our commitment to attaining the target results.


With experienced professionals on our side, it becomes easier to communicate with the client and understand their complex thought process regarding the SEO approach and result. Rankiology takes inputs from the client, and the experienced professionals take a step back to assess the plans. If they feel a change is required, it is professionally communicated to the client.


Rankiology provides tailor-made solutions based on input from the client. We make the SEO implementation process more inclusive. So, if the client feels that a custom element needs to be added, it can be done with minimum delay and maximum efficiency.


The tale of our expertise does not end with the Magento based SEO service. Rankiology has digital marketing experts, who have been delivering both digital marketing and SEO solutions.


We have been working in the e-commerce marketing industry for quite some time now. We are attuned to trade secrets, which is essentially paying attention to details. The detailing in the SEO plan helps to excel in the e-commerce space with the right mix of engagement and sales.


Partner With Rankiology, And Let Your E-commerce Platform Flourish

Developing an e-commerce platform which is easy to maintain and update depends on the choice of development platform. Magento meets the basic requirement of eases in maintenance and update.
There is no second thought regarding the potential of the Magento platform. But it's true potential is realized only when you join forces with an industry expert. Let Rankiology be that partner, and see what it really means to work with industry experts in a specific domain.
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Keyword Research

Modern-day businesses are shifting towards online mediums at a galloping pace. So, ranking at the top of the search requires an advanced keyword research setup. Rankiology has a dedicated team for keyword analysis. Each keyword is passed through AI-based tools to gauge their relevance.


The surge in the number of e-commerce websites catering to a specific niche is something that was not that prevalent around a decade back. One could not have spotted virtual stores for such a specific niche. So, it is important to analyze the competitor's move to stay at the top amidst all other players.


For an eCommerce platform, pushing in relevant content on the product page is crucial. Not just product description, there are several blogs, which the Rankiology’s content team puts forth for grabbing the attention of the visitors. Better the quality of content, the higher the search engine ranking.


Rankiology is not only involved in rolling out content, we also take care of the load speed of the page by manipulating content. For instance, we use images and clips that do not add load time. Further, every piece of content or element is layered throughout the web page, so that increase in load time is arrested.


With the implementation of the SEO plan, you might see a surge in the visitors and think that our job is complete. But it is not as simple as that, page ranking is our staple functionality. The real addon service comes post ranking goals. While we track the leads and figure out the extent of conversion, the mere ranking is not just our priority.


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Off-page SEO is often looked upon as another medium to generate paid traffic. But in reality, the idea behind off-page optimization goes beyond the conventional norms. The link building generated through credible off-page sources helps to improve the repute of the platform.


Rankiology takes care of providing supporting content, like press releases and info pages. These pieces of content are generated by a content team with a single objective delivering the information precisely.


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Pay-per-click campaigns are an ideal SEO equivalent to spreading the word through newspaper and magazine ads. PPC is an evolved version of traditional advertising. Rankiology has handled enough PPC campaigns, to make errors in undervaluing its importance.


Affiliate marketing is a great source of bringing in traffic that converts. Naturally, if an individual has gone through the piece of content, and then clicked on the affiliate link, the chances of conversion are quite high.


Reflecting on an SEO campaign is a crucial part of the Rankiology core activity. Regardless of the success or failure of the campaign, we set aside a team for preparing a detailed report regarding plan implementation and its follow up. The content of this report is discussed with the client, to communicate a need for a change.


We have a lot of recommendations courtesy of our existing clients. Naturally, the envelope of quality service and the immediate results speak for our expertise. Also, we believe that adapting ourselves according to the needs of the client is one of the things that attracts more clients. Further, the integrity and the honesty with which we operate leaves a lasting impression of us.

Innovative SEO Solutions

Rankiology includes every possible SEO solution in the bag to get around the desired result. We keep an eye on the new innovative additions in the SEO realms, so that we are the first to inculcate the change. It is all about staying ahead of competitors and adding new innovative solutions, we do exactly that.

Effective Communications

The SEO support team of Rankiology is always in conversation with the clients leaving no chances for a gap in the flow of information. Every piece of information and suggestion moves to and fro between client and us with the utmost ease. It is one of the dining reasons as to why we meet the expectation of the client every single time.

SEO Management Of Multiple Platforms

Now, many of our potential clients might have multiple eCommerce platforms. So we prepare our SEO plans in such a fashion that the interoperability of plans across platforms becomes feasible. This reduces cost and provides solutions without the inherent complexity that people associate with handling multiple platforms.

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