How Much Should A Law Firm SEO Cost?8 min read

Best Law Firm SEO Cost

SEO is a continuous tool in digital marketing. It is a multi-faceted weapon that needs no introduction in today’s scenario.

It helps in optimizing a website to increase visibility, ranking, traffic, and domain authority. These features are vital for the growth of a website and enabling it to achieve high end results.


SEO trends are ever evolving, from voice search and BERT to mobile-friendliness, the landscape of digital media is changing. In this technology-driven era, where most of the work is done by the internet, SEO plays a key factor in advertising and branding.

Traditional advertising sources are not only expensive but also fail to target a broad audience. With SEO targeting segmented audiences are easy and yield high ROI just by implicating simple steps.

Statistics on SEO

  • To boost the organic search ranking, SEO is the first choice for 61% of marketers.
  • In the past two years, “near me” category searches have increased by 200%.
  • 70% of marketers stated that SEO is more practical and helpful than PPC.
  • The first five websites on the first page of Google accumulate 67.60% of all clicks.

How is SEO beneficial for law firms?

The main benefit of SEO is that it empowers visibility to your law firm’s website. Your website needs to be among the top five on the first google page in order to collect clicks and traffic. Most of the law experts avoid SEO over PPC because the latter has higher conversion, but at higher cost.

With SEO you can target a huge cluster of people organically, whereas PPC just helps in getting clicks as a return for huge investment.

Benefits of SEO for law websites

SEO brings high-quality leads

SEO is the most beneficial and profitable source of leads for business to customer and business to business category. In order to attract high-quality leads, all you need to do is make a list of things that need to be changed or optimized.

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SEO helps in brand endorsement

Building brand awareness is vital for promoting a service or product. SEO assures that your website is easily detected by search engines and personal assistants. If your website is on the top of the search engine ranking, that means most of the customers will see your profile.

SEO works on higher-ranking-more-clicks strategy. So, for better lead conversion, choose SEO.


Smartphones have become an important part of our life. Most of the searches are done on a mobile device, so a mobile-friendly website is of utmost importance.

Google will reject your website for ranking if it is not supported on mobile. To build awareness, Google has also launched a mobile-friendly test to ensure smooth and effective user experience.

Here are some statistics that will help you to see the long term benefits of SEO.

  • 96% of the population seeks legal advice via search engines.
  • 72% of people only contact one law professional for legal advice or proceedings.
  • 74% of customers seize an appointment to see the website office for legal advice.

Different tactics that law firm SEO agencies use

SEO for law firms is technically used to reach the targeted audience through an online platform. Customers can easily reach your website and connect with you for legal works.

This is not as easy as it sounds. You are not the only one opting for SEO. Your competitors also use it for marketing to seize more traffic and lead. So, SEO strategies are very important to mark your existence on a global platform.

On-page optimization

In on-page optimization, the elements that are related to website development are optimized. The main motive behind this is to enhance the website infrastructure, loading speed, design, and other aspects to make the website helpful to both users and search engines.

Website infrastructure

The website infrastructure is the base of all the activities. So, make sure to keep the home page interconnected with all the vital pages.

Website design

SEO includes optimizing your website design to enhance some basic features, like user-friendliness, mobile-friendliness, fast loading speed, and more.


Testimonials are helpful in converting doubtful leads. Online reviews and feedback are the best way to convince clients. Most of the customers reach your website via positive feedback and review.

Make sure to ask your customers to provide feedback and reviews about your services and website.

Social media links

Adding social media links ensures personal attachment with your customers. Your customers or clients can look up to your social media pages for important data. 

Off-page optimization

Off-page, SEO helps in improving your website’s organic ranking through content marketing, link building, social media branding, and more. Nowadays, off-page SEO contributes more to increasing leads, traffic, and ROI.

Listing in Google My Business

Listing in Google My Business is a practical way to gain local organic searches. Make sure you list all your information including address, name, phone number, and business hours. Google will send a verification postcard with a code for identifying your address and name.

Post verification, your website will be ranking in google searches.

Parameters that judge the cost of law firm SEO

There are many companies that provide SEO services at different price ranges. With so much information and misconceptions, it is very tough to understand the costing parameters. The price of service depends on the optimization levels of your website.

Here are seven elements that will help you get detailed information on the costing of law firm SEO.

The size of your target

The size of the target contributes to the final pricing of the SEO service. Larger space means more commodities. Big cities have many law firms, high competition cuts wide pockets. If you have a lot of competition, you need high-quality keywords to beat them.

In this scenario, high-quality keywords can cost you a fortune. If you beat a website and retain its position in SERP, you will need to pay more for maintaining the position.

Your market competition

If you are competing with big firms to hold their position in Google search ranking, you need to make your SEO strategy more effective, with high competition the keywords and other elements come at a high price.

If you are taking someone’s place, that website will surely pay more to get back the position. So, your market competition plays an important role in pricing.

Local SEO practices

To target local audiences, your website needs to have a position in local organic searches. The top five websites get the maximum number of clicks. So, featuring local SEO is important as well as essential for growth.

Here are some factors that affect local SEO costing:

  • Citations play an important role in pricing. More citations mean more money. On an average, a website needs 100 citations, so supervising these citations can cost you some extra bucks.
  • Building quality links is also a vital element of SEO. Creating a link can be costly and depends entirely on the project and industry.
  • If your website needs to manage multi-location SEO, you will probably need to charge some extra money for that purpose. The more location you have listed the more you have to spend on improving google search engine rankings.

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Your present position on search engines

The present position on the search engine refers to your Google search ranking. If your website ranks on the first page, you will need to maintain the position. You can do this by obtaining keywords that get clicked 10,000 times a day.

Your lead generation goal

You have to be very specific about your search engine goals. Are you looking for huge traffic and leads or just needing a smooth flow of clients? Some attorneys will just take up twenty clients per month while others will concentrate on 50 clients.

Every website works on different sets of goals. If you want your website to attract more clients, you need to pay more on marketing and branding.

Level of optimization to be done on the website

You will need a high package if your website needs every basic optimization, such as a mobile-friendly feature. Moreover, all the service providers cover the main optimization within the package.

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Here is the list of on-page optimization that is more or less covered in the package.

  • Speed and performance optimization
  • HTML optimizations
  • Website architecture
  • Website design

The content requires that you strategize

Building good content can add up to more traffic and leads. This is often ignored by most of the attorneys but is the easiest way to build connections with your customers. There is no such specific price range for this element. The price differs from one firm to another.


Law firm SEO is a slightly expensive choice but for the long term, it suits the best. Google search engine rankings play an important role in your business success. So, investing in a solution that will provide high-end results, that too for a long period, is a smart preference.