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We focus on acquiring customers for e-commerce and help to leverage the largest social media network.

Focusing On Minute Details

Our team goes through large chunks of data to find the perfect fit for your company. Our ads are so designed to optimize maximum profit.


Unique Ads

Our ads are so designed to attract customers and fall in love with your product, thus enhancing your brand value.


Better Marketing

Our team of expert professionals help in creating unique market strategies to generate massive returns.

Why Rankiology?

Our Skilled Team Takes Care Of Everything For You To Successfully Advertise On Facebook.

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No Additional Costs

Our team promises no additional costs for designs and copyright team. We further assure you of custom audiences and dynamic product ads.

Real-time Analytics

Our team promises real-time analytics and discusses personalized marketing strategies directly with your company

Affordable Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook, over the years, has grown into a powerful digital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes and has become a necessity in today’s world of social media.


Our team can help you get the most out of this channel as it can prove to be the second home for your business. It is a huge digital platform where users can get acquainted with your products or services and reach out directly. With the help of our experts, your ads can reach out to the correct audiences.

Features That Make Us Highly Preferable

Our Expert Team Ensures Driving More Customers To Your Company And Causing Huge Leaps In Data Traffic

Professional Customer Service

Our team has experienced advertisers to create ads to attract more customers. We will understand your goals and design the ads in the best possible way so that you reap huge benefits.

Best Results

Our team works tirelessly to generate results at the earliest with latest software and technology and make your ROI take an upward trend.

Protecting Brand Integrity

Your brand integrity is our main priority and we would never misleading campaigns at the expense of your business.

Work With The Best

Social media provides an excellent platform for businesses to reach out to the target audiences at relatively low costs. These services ensure you can reap the highest benefits.


ROI-focused Decisions

ROI is the fuel required to keep the business engine running. As a result, our team works effortlessly to generate maximum benefits in order to grow your business together.


Fulfill Your Budget Potential

Our team ensures that your budget is spent wisely and not misused. We scale our ad campaigns in such a manner that your budget can meet the true potential and drive more data traffic through optimization.


Rate Optimization

Our team consists of skilled experts who will design the ad campaigns in such a manner that it catches the eye of users and make them curious to visit your website. The more the clicks, better the rewards.


Appropriate Audience Targeting

Our team helps in reaching the ads to the right people through advanced targeting strategies so that they can turn into potential customers. This can boost your business.


User-friendly Content

Our team works tirelessly to create designs to interest users. The content of the ads are kept simple yet engaging so that users can get their desired information.



Our team carries out marketing strategies to make users acquainted with your products or services. Daily posts are updated on Facebook pages to create a buzz.


How Our Facebook Marketing Services Work

Targeting Audience Through Facebook Ads

Audience targeting is the practice of segmenting customers according to their interests or demographics with the help of data so that the ads can reach the right customers at the right moment. You should stop wasting your time and effort on uninterested eyeballs and look for prospective customers who can help take your company forward. To utilize Facebook’s ad targeting features to its fullest, we help you to offer your product or services to the ideal customers for your brand.


Rankiology’s team of experienced professionals help our clients in this regard with the help of detailed research and modern technologies. Our team does thorough research of audiences about their online behaviour, purchase history and demographics to shortlist those who are the perfect fit for your company.


We use tools, like Psycographics, Google’s In-Market Audiences and Facebook custom audiences to understand the values, affinities and motivations of audiences to design campaigns accordingly which can catch their eye and turn them into potential customers. Extensive keyword research is done to make the content more engaging. We have experts in Facebook Retargeting which help the company to reach out to existing leads and keep them satisfied.

Designing Facebook Ads

Facebook offers companies to tell their own story and promote themselves with the help of different Facebook ad formats. With the growth of Facebook ads of different companies with time, the primary focus is to create original and eye-catching designs for marketing of the brand. An attractive design can create major impacts on the target audience, thus paving way for the brand to become a success.


Having the ability to create original visual content is a rare skill. Our team is blessed with such experts who have the technical ability as well as can use the modern tools and technologies to create the perfect design to guarantee results. The primary goal is to earn the attention of customers and graphics is used for this purpose. This includes the use of images, icons, logos and image filters to give the design a stylish look besides portraying the brand products or services.


But only images won’t help. So our team also incorporates small captions along with call-to-action links so that users can easily understand the brand values and visit the website straight from the ads. Maintaining the Facebook guidelines, we make the most stylish yet impactful designs through custom branded landing pages or Facebook lead forms for the ads to provide seamless conversion for your target audience.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing

A lot of effort is required to design a stellar Facebook ad. Among targeting the right audiences and choosing perfect images or videos, copywriting, a crucial part of the Facebook ads go unnoticed. They have a major impact in helping in the sale of products or services and drive the users to take actions, thus generating success.


Rankiology’s team helps in creating an effective ad copywriting to grab the attention of the audience. Although the image and video catches the attention of the users, it is the copywriting that manages to develop interest among them. These are absolutely essential in demonstrating the values of the company and the benefits customers can avail. Our expert team helps create the copywriting in a persuasive manner so that customers are obliged to click on the links and visit the website. They are kept short, compact and visually appealing in carousel format with the use of bullets so that users can read. This increases the data traffic to the website. We understand they are a pivotal part of our campaigns and so we use the best content that fits your brand and can increase conversions.

Facebook Ad and Landing Page A/B Testing

There is always room for improvement. That is why we often test the landing pages in order to check if the campaigns are being successful or not. For this purpose collecting data is most necessary. We, at Rankiology absolutely love to work with data. We firmly believe that we can always improve you and thus help you attain your goal.


For this purpose, we carry out A/B Testing, which is one of the easiest and most effective means to check the progression. The process consists of comparing the landing pages according to data collected on the basis of traffic sources and campaign run times. We then eliminate the confounding variables like holidays and perform the test. This helps us in rectifying our past mistakes and make our future campaigns even better and more attractive.


At Rankiology, we go the extra mile to create different A/B variants to ensure our clients are awarded the best possible results. Based on the data, we decide on which variables to test and carry them out for the different ads and landing pages to find out how each variable is affected. These are then further analyzed to make appropriate strategies and ensure your company reaches the top.

Optimization of Facebook Ads Through Analysis

For every business, ad campaigns are carried out with the sole aim of getting high ROI. Facebook marketing is a very cost-effective platform to generate high ROI. But to reap high benefits, one must ensure to keep track of the performance of the ad campaigns.


One of the most effective ways to determine whether you are getting the best returns is by analyzing results over time by key performance indicators (KPIs). These are very important to understand how the ad campaigns are doing and what changes are required to make them more fruitful.


Rankiology helps you analyze the results by carrying out experiments after collecting data regarding traffic flow from the previous ad campaigns. We analyze the changes that need to be performed to take the brand to the next step and attract more customers and try to incorporate those in our future campaigns. We also analyze which elements of the ad were most attractive to the target audience and look to stand by that.


Through our Facebook Ad Optimization Services, we help you create the perfect marketing strategies for future ad campaigns and take your brand to the next level. Our only goal is to maximize the company profits at low investments.

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