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Trailant provides a compliance training course. Through these courses, the client offers quality training to compliance learners and enhances the workplace atmosphere. It has a team of compliance training experts, e-learning veterans, and an artistic workforce coming together to provide a fresh viewpoint on compliance management and training. However, the training institute did not have remarkable SEO and PPC strategies. This indicated that their lead generation is limited.


Like most clients, Trailant also focused on expanding its social media presence among the audience. So, their main marketplace objective was to combine the best practices of both SEO and PPC.


This is how their journey began with Rankiology to achieve the results.


There lies several challenges in improving online presence and extending reach among the audiences. Earlier, the client had put all its efforts, but the outcome was far from satisfactory. This is where Rankiology examined the previous methodology that failed to bring the necessary outcomes.


The experts at Rankiology knew that a coalition of tried-and-tested organic and paid campaigns together could bring the desired outcomes.


  • Trailant lacked visibility in terms of search queries that were related to its business domain. This indicated that the keyword implementation was inferior and ineffective.
  • The website didn’t have a brand perspective with SEO and PPC strategies. This non-strategic approach was hindering the ranking on Google.
  • The other social media accounts also required optimization with proper keywords so that the brand can stay ahead of its competitors.
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Rankiology is an expert in providing practical solutions to all its clients. It is no secret that the kind of tried-and-tested campaigns the experts have devised is commendable. And it is this edge that helped Trailant march to success.


  • At first, we did on-page indexing correctly by establishing proper links, submitting sitemaps, URL canonicalization, and non-competitive meta tags.
  • Second, we adopted paid as well as organic coalition strategies that helped refine the keyword research. The strength of both organic and PPC keywords have a higher conversion rate that optimizes the overall strategy. It also gave a boost to ranking on the search engines.
  • Third, we created ad promotions on various social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bing, Google Adwords, etc. This created a reliable social media presence to stay relevant in the competition.
  • Fourth, with the paid search of PPC, we got access to the hidden keyword data. It revealed which keywords converted at what cost and percentage. This market intelligence practice can also be implemented in organic SEO and can improve the outcome across the boards.


It only took a short period of two months to get the outcomes with the combined efforts of paid and SEO implementations. The strategies offered by Rankiology were successful as they brought out promising results.


  • There has been an enormous flow in the overall website’s traffic, which increased by 199%.
  • The PPC strategy was useful, as it brought about a traffic increase of 633%.
  • Within two months, the paid search resulted in a 73% increase in the overall traffic.

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