Tadi Brothers are committed to selling quality-driven electronics consumer products since 2003. They have been bringing a smile on the faces of their customers with products, like Backup Camera System, Parking Sensors, LED novelty items, and many more.


However, the main issue their website encountered was the poor rankings on the search engine platforms. This had consequently given a setback to their social media presence and reach to the audiences as well.


Tadi Brothers required an excellent social media strategy focused on driving traffic to the website. The company’s main concern was ranking that has already slipped down from the first page. This is where Rankiology created an effective strategy for Tadi Brothers.


Since the rankings of the Tadi Brothers deteriorated drastically, the company was keen to work on its position. It had already hit a drop to the third or fourth page, and there was an array of challenges to bring it back on the first page.


Rankiology attempted to bring back the lost reputation of the company. It analyzed and noted down the problems that added to the low-ranking situation of the Tadi Brothers.


  • Tadi Brothers lacked proper SEO optimization that contributed to its poor rankings, suggesting that keyword implementation was not done accurately.
  • The website’s low traffic influx was on account of its outdated, clumsy, slow load speed that made it less reliable on Google ranking.
  • Also, its brand visibility was feeble because its presence on social media platforms was negligible.
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Rankiology’s preliminary solution was to offer the best SEO fixes that aim to enhance the rankings on search engines. The team of skilled professionals created campaigns that brought back the attention of the audiences. This is something Rankiology is renowned.


  • The first step towards improving the page rankings was fixing the errors. We implemented writing long quality content, using long-tail keyword strategy, getting proper page linkings, voice optimization, etc.
  • The second step was to optimize the page loading speed. We also made sure that the website was customized to mobile devices. These steps helped improve the customer’s experience.
  • The third step implemented innovative ideas like viral campaigns that made use of social media platforms. This provided an opportunity to interact and engage with the audience by creating brand awareness and social shares. Not to forget, social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn played a crucial role in promotion.
  • The final step was focused on online marketing practices that offered better visibility to the brand. This includes paid per click (PPC), video marketing, content marketing, social media, and others.


It took around a year but it brought manifold advantages to the Tadi Brothers. Our efforts have shown positive results,


  • The prominent outcome was the number of new organic users that got a boost of 97.29%.
  • The improved website speed also increased the organic session by 82%.
  • The company also witnessed a growth in organic transactions by 56%.
  • With all our collective efforts, the organic revenue also grew by 29%.

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