An online free abroad education consultant, Jeduka aims at offering the highest quality information and guidance possible. Students aspiring to pursue their education abroad can easily access information pertaining to country selection, visa process, information on universities, admission process, the application process, tuition fee structure and available scholarship opportunities, etc. The website includes a rich database, covering over 5000 renowned universities worldwide.


Though the website is a valuable repository of important information to students willing to study abroad, its awareness among them was negligible. It had its own SEO challenges that needed solutions for an impactful online presence.


Not having an attractive and impactful home page is a major turn off for the audience visiting the site. The client’s website was also not even on the first page of the search engine due to its poor SEO optimization. Poor search engine ranking drastically affected its visibility to targeted students and their parents online.


Furthermore, the content was not presented in an organized manner, which affected its readability. Failing to have a strong presence on 3rd party websites also did not help the client enjoy the online marketing benefits.


All these, combined, made the targeted audiences ignore its presence in the search engine while other relevant sites were doing pretty well. It is at this point that Rankiology stepped in to upscale its online marketing strategy and trigger its online recognition.

What the client wanted was to boost their online presence and increase their online traffic and lead generation. They specifically wanted to make the most use of the contact form submissions from their website.


It was important for Jeduka to strengthen the virtual presence for an increase in the site traffic and benefit from quality lead generation. We analyzed the website thoroughly to dig up the faults and work upon them.


  • We optimized almost all essential pages, including the home page, university pages etc.
  • To improve the readability of the content, we added title, description, headers, targeted keywords, call to actions, list of services, etc.
  • The experts at Rankiology ensured reduction in page loading time
  • Made the website mobile responsive
  • Froze the footer to help audiences contact the client easily
  • We made the page navigation hassle-free by freezing the header
  • Posted relevant content that are both informative and interesting to read
  • Backlink gap analysis with paid tools to increase client footprints at all the locations


All these smart SEO implementations enabled our client’s site to secure a high position in the popular search engines thereby maximizing its online visibility.


  • The site traffic increased and with it came quality lead generation scopes
  • Better ROI from steady site traffic
  • Brand awareness increased manifold

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