EWC Technologies

EWC Technologies sells small form-factor computers to IT companies. It also serves as a solution for wider computer needs in almost any space and environment. They have partnerships with brands, like Intel and Cisco that offer diverse approaches to suit business needs.


EWC Technologies wanted to increase its sales on their online platforms as the major source of revenue generation was the offline medium. They wanted to expand their brand’s presence beyond the traditional market. Dominating the online media was the top priority for the company. They wished to increase their revenue generation through all channels.


Rankiology joined hands with EWC Technologies and formulated strategies that matched their objectives.


EWC Technologies was looking for exponential growth in the online platform that matches the revenue generated by the offline platform. The increase in online traffic will directly impact their online presence and eventually increase their sales.


Experts at Rankiology researched and analyzed the online presence and brand value that EWC Technologies had on the audience. It noted the problems that have put the company in the backseat.


  • EWC Technologies had issues related to the page’s design and navigation. This made it difficult for users to engage with the website’s content, and the result was a higher bounce rate.
  • The URL structure of the website was not appropriate. It was using the relative URL that interrupted the connection with other websites.
  • The page’s loading speed was also low, due to which, the search engines penalized it heavily with low ranking.
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Rankiology adopted a detailed strategy based on the SEO and PPC that aimed to resolve all the bottlenecks of the company. The team of experts devised a step-by-step approach so that the client could reap maximum benefits from it.


  • The first step was to write SEO and PPC optimized copies for the website that included the right keyword strategy, optimized footer, and headlines, establishing proper linking, etc.
  • Second, it was about transforming the shorter relative URL into the longer absolute ones. This established more authority to them in terms of connecting to their third-party clients, Intel and Cisco.
  • The third move was to design and code a custom 404 error page. The friendly user-interface helped the visitors to continue browsing the page.
  • Fourth, it was about spreading the marketing campaign to multiple platforms. It involved tracking the visitors and sending them to relevant ads on various social media platforms.
  • Finally, we redesigned the order confirmation page of the website. It created an enhanced experience for the users to proceed smoothly through the content.


Within 3 months, we brought drastic changes in the business results compared to that of the previous three months.


  • Organic traffic increased tremendously by 227%.
  • The traffic sessions of the company also increased by 76%.
  • There was a rise in the number of new users by 292%, which improved by 105%.
  • The significant impact was the change in the overall revenue. It increased exponentially by 39,192%.

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