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Cater to a platform with a billion footprint through various app solutions with Ranklogy.

Crafting flawless UI results in a better user experience, both the elements are intertwined. Let a Rankiology design expert take care of it.

Changes in the field of web technology are happening at a rapid pace. One such change that has garnered attention is web-based apps.

Testing applications in a real-time environment during pre-launch using simulation can help to fix the subtle errors.

Tap Into The World, Full Of Possibilities With Mobile Applications

With almost millions of active users of iOS, there is hardly any doubt about the magnanimity of the platform with context to its potential. People from all walks of society use Apple smartphones.


Every organization, irrespective of its size, needs to leverage the platform’s potential with highly interactive mobile applications. Rankiology focuses on providing service-based solutions to integrate and develop the applications with UI that is both visually appealing and works fine. The list of services that we offer include.

Why Rankiology Is The Ideal Place To Start With For Developing Ios Application

Vast Experience

We, at Rankiology, have an experienced team of members. We have been paving the way for numerous companies by opening new pathways to accelerate. One such pathway is the use is our mobile applications.

Greater Flexibility

When you work with Rankiology, you will be included at all crucial junctures of the development process. This means, your inputs and our expertise merge together to form something amazing.

Technical Support

Rankiology knows that you might need our attention at any waking hour. So our tech team will be by your side at every phase of the development process.

Why Is Mobile App Development Important For Growth In The Modern-day Digital Landscape?

The power dynamics have changed, now internet usage is prevalent in the smaller screens (mobile) than a bigger screen (laptop/desktop). We, at Rankiology, are quick to spot the changes, and help you in implementing them with tailor made solutions.
There are millions of applications on the App Store. These applications are an integral part of our life. Rankiology understands the importance of developing and optimizing applications to cater to specific utility based on the nature of the app. We craft the UI and UX according to better results.

Essential Elements Of App Store Optimization

Application Title


Coming with a unique, short, creative, and appealing app title is challenging. There are too many variables to consider. For instance, the app title must have the keyword that  innately explains the nature and usage details of the application. Rankiology searches through the database of keywords and suggests a fitting title.


Application Description


The volatility of the users comes to the fore, when you see them switching to a competitor’s application as they run out of patience. Your App description is something that pulls the users in or away. The choice is what you want to do with it.


We, at Rankiology, have worked with enough clients to know the importance of these descriptive words. So, we will assist you in framing a short description that brings in traction.


Application Review and Ratings


A large portion of a successful ASO implementation india depends on the success of on-page optimization through the use of app reviews and ratings. Most of the users read the user review before installing the app. They have become smart enough to differentiate between an organic and paid review. We at Rankiology try to carve out reviews that innately fit the narrative, and does not seem out of place.


Application Long-tail Description


Just like the short description, the expert content team at Rankiology provides you with quality content with relevant keywords, gripping enough to move the audience.


Application Logo


Designing an application logo requires a lot of thought to be scrambled through. Hundreds of designs are framed to get that ideal design, which captures essence. It can be taxing, let us take over the process, and with your valuable input, we will have that ideal logo.


Application Screenshot


Placing an appropriate application screenshot is the key to pulling in users, Remember, this is the first entry point of any users during the pre-installation period. The application screenshot must have relevant images that display the simple UI, and convey a story of ease in operations.


Application Publishers Name


Application publisher is a potential pathway that may lead the users to your application. It is ideal to use keywords relevant to the nature of your app, and a part of the trade name, under which your company operates.


Application Category


Picking a category for your app is crucial to improve the reach. If you choose the primary category chances are high that your app will be used widely, while a secondary tag can put a dent into its popularity.


Dominate The App Space With A Ui And Ux Rich Application!

With Android applications, the reach is larger, and it is not just about creating an app. Ranklogy deals with various other trajectories like marketing, advertisement, and updates. It is your one-stop solution for application development.

To set things straight, we would like to communicate that our expertise goes beyond developing an app. We also have a solid digital marketing team that provides essential ASO services India like online branding.

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