Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing the modern-day answer to financial independence by being a very lucrative marketing technique. So, a strategically-curated affiliated campaign by Rankiology can befriend you with the target sales numbers without breaking much sweat.

Find answers as to why and how you can use Rankiology’s Affiliate marketing program to reach an excellent result

Rankology arms you with the know-how to deal with affiliate programs. Be it the search engine optimization side of things or directing readers to click on affiliate links, we can help you achieve your goal with tailor-made strategies.

Content Marketing

Spicing up your content strategy with relevant keywords and on and off-page promotions is the backbone of affiliate marketing.


Promoting your content, along with the affiliate links, is what you need to increase your reach. Our promotion strategies can help you churn out better sales numbers.

When Used Correctly Can Be A Game-changer

Affiliate marketing may seem to be quite an exciting proposition for growth. So, to ensure that your affiliate marketing campaign has a bigger prospective in terms of conversion, let Rankiology serve you. Our affiliate marketing expertise can help you:


Get Your Affiliate Marketing Plan Right With Strategic Moves, From Drawing Board To Final Execution

We, at Rankology, understand the importance of channeling every Affiliate Marketing move based on foresight, and real-time data crunching. This is how we do it:

Keywords Analysis

Analyzing keywords to be plugged into the content requires using tools that provide information about the keyword density and reach. We analyze this data and arm you with relevant keywords.

Niche-Based Information

Affiliate campaigns, without a designated niche, is like driving along with no destination. So, we try to identify the niche and track them to provide you with relevant information.

Digital Service Support

Problems may arise at any point. But if you don’t have the skills to deal with a particular problem related to digital marketing services, do not worry. Rankiology will be by your side resolving issues in no time, that too with utmost expertise.

Fetching Quality Guest Post

One of the best ways to improve the search engine ranking and increasing reach is getting quality do-follow backlinks. We help you track related content creators with high trust quotients, who carry forward your links for better results and expanding your workspace.

How Can You Spot The Best Affiliate Marketing Service, Provider

There are plenty of affiliate marketing service providers out there. Some are flat out gimmicky, while others stay true to their words. But the question is how do you spot a service provider which works with integrity and honesty. Cherry-picking the best requires you to do some due diligence, and look into the listed traits of the company into consideration.

Specialized Expertise

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Planning Approach

Understanding the approach employed towards planning SEO strategies speaks a lot about the credibility of the company. A company that derives a plan based on data analysis is more likely to provide better results. Rankiology takes pride in using a data-intensive approach to formulate SEO plans.

Domain Experience

A company that has a huge body of work behind them catering to a specific niche-in this case- Affiliate marketing- is attuned to deal with complexities of the process. You must look for web documentation regarding past work experience. For instance, Rankiology has a case study section, which has every tiny detail about the company that we have worked for.

Nature of communication

One of the essential ingredients for a successful partnership between any affiliate marketing services provider and the client is the flow of communication. If there is a mishap in communication between clients and service providers, the results often tend to fall wayward. Rankiology has set aside a support team to communicate information with a minimum discrepancy.

Follow up strategy

Implementation of an affiliate marketing strategy does not guarantee its success. However, a perfect followup plan does increase the chances of better results. Companies that provide follow up action can fine-tune their plans to a great degree.

Affiliate Program Management

If You Are Curious To Know How We Prepare A Plan For Managing Affiliate Marketing Campaigns, Read Below.
  • Forecasting results in the form of tangible numbers, and discussing it with clients. Post which a plan is prepared to achieve those numbers.
  •  Scouting for the best affiliate partners, who believe in the product or the services, which they endorse.
  • Managing the movements of the affiliates, and syncing each step towards attaining the larger goal.
  • Preparing reports and analyzing them internally. A final report is prepared, which is communicated with the client and the affiliate.


The vastly experienced team members of Rankiology plan out the affiliate marketing campaign in a fashion that augments the ROI. We take pride in dispelling the myth of requiring a high budget for a successful affiliate marketing campaign.


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We offer very affordable Affiliate Program Management services, so you are actually able to save on your expenses when you invest in an Affiliate Internet Marketing campaign designed by us. With the advantages we offer, it would be counterproductive to let go of this opportunity to get reliable management for your affiliate program.


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