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Advertisers During COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the deadliest global concern right now. The prolonged lockdown period in different countries has resulted in a sharp breakdown of the global economy due to poor production levels and degrading services. The condition of the digital ads (including Google ads) is no different.

This situation has forced digital advertisers to adopt new strategies that help to attract the online audience. In case of digital advertisements, new ways of PPC optimization helps the advertisers gain digital prominence and serve the customers during crises seamlessly.

COVID-19 Impact

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Strategies that advertisers are taking during COVID-19

The top strategies taken by the digital marketing advertisers are given below. It gives you an idea on how you can improve the aspect of digital advertising for your business in the present time.

1. “Sticking to Objective”

Due to the panic and imposition of several social restrictions, a huge mass of customers have already inclined towards online shopping. On account of that, several business organizations have started brand positioning in a digital manner.

The primary aim of digital brand positioning is to increase the reach for a specific brand to the customers’ pool. Moreover, it helps to create a distinct awareness for the brand among the potential customers.

Furthermore, an organization can launch new products with the help of digital ads, besides from repositioning the pre-existing ones. All these help an organization with the basic objective of publishing an advertisement.

Advertisers are choosing various social networking sites that can attract a lot of potential customers and increase the chances of sale.

2. “Publish inspiring and relatable ads”

As an advertiser, you must always publish relatable ads even if you are choosing a low priced social media advertisement. Apart from relatability, you must also try making the advertisement inspiring. This helps the customers to engage with it on a personal level.

Advertisers can expect more sales for the brand, which induces more profit this way too. Moreover, inspiring messages in ads always consists of a higher recognition period. An advertiser’s primary concern is to convince the customers in case of using a brand or gratifying a service.

According to the founder of Ogilvy and Mather, David Ogilvy, “Consumers are not morons but the wife.”

This implies that an advertiser should always try to keep a comfortable relation with the consumers. In case of digital ads, the advertisers are now using their creativity to make emotionally engaging ads of several services and commodities.

However, in the present COVID-19 crisis, an advertiser should avoid publishing ads on low-stock commodities if the supply chain has a negative impact. This adversely impacts on the reputation of the organization. Currently, digital advertisers are keen to face this problem as well.

3. “Survival in a volatile market”

When you, as an advertiser, desire to put up a digital ad, you have to face the digital marketing team primarily. The executives of the digital marketing team have to make sure that both the advertiser and the customer use the ad for good.

Along with each PPC advertisement, digital marketing executives can add a COVID-19 tracker for the advertisement. Google ads also offer such convenience. Moreover, due to the increase in the volatility of the market, the target audience of a business organization can change.

Google provides the reviews of the planner tool performance every week that gives the advertiser a clearer picture about the performance of the ads. Efficient advertisers are keeping a closer look on the rapidly-changing data. Proper study and careful observation can only help them succeed in the market.

planner tool performance


4. “Step outside the usual setup”

Without the presence of a business organization and some specific service or community, an advertiser has no existence. They have to work in-line with the digital marketing team to make a web presence.

However, the COVID-19 crisis has changed a lot of things. Due to the restrictions on domestic and international borders, industries, like aviation, tourism and hospitality, have nearly broken down.

In such a situation, many companies are designing a new business structure and trying to serve their customers. Due to this, the contents of Google ads, along with the digital market, has changed a lot. Several tourism and hospitality companies are planning to step out of their fields and serve as per the necessities of the people.

A good advertiser always knows the effective way to present an advertisement on a digital platform as the end users get attracted to it. This is yet another way how an organization improves its reputation in the market. The top advertisers are working according to the structural change of a company’s services.

5. “Use the audience influence”

Audience influence is the key thing that helps a business organization to grow properly. However, now audience engagement for some big companies has fallen dramatically due to service-related breakdown or inertness.

In such a situation, advertisers are using the audience influence in a different manner. Most advertisers are trying to create awareness about a certain service that the company can seamlessly deliver in the future.

According to Julie Friedman- Bacchini, “Audience influence effectively helps in restricting the views of an ad for the people who do not require them.”

Furthermore, in the travel industry, introduction of negative keywords has helped several companies’ websites in a positive way, restricting the number of cancellation queries beside that for reservation.

6. “Get the pace of the market and work accordingly”

Advertisers who publish ads on both Google and other platforms have to know about the pace of the market. Here are some of the aspects to be aware of:

Aspects of the imposed pandemic laws: Due to absence of a uniform imposition of pandemic restrictions in different countries, the features of the market varies from place to place. You can publish ads for a store if they are open for the customers.

Complete closure: No ads, either traditional or on search engine marketing, can provide any results if the market is on total closure. Organizations need to wait till the market activates again.

Online work and service: The advertisers are publishing the ads in a strategic manner where the customers can get online services. In several countries, home delivery is subjected under emergency services where delivery people can drop all necessary commodities directly at the customers’ place.

Until the pandemic ends, advertisers have to check the condition of the market and work accordingly. However, the gradual depreciation of global COVID-19 cases can lead to the change in the scenario.

global COVID-19 cases


7. “Take on automated bidding”

Automated bidding works on procrastination. Generally, it is set by Google Ads and it helps the advertiser carry out automatic ad campaigns. However, huge data is necessary for a successful PPC advertising campaign.

Advertisers are now accumulating a lot of data and taking different strategies of automated bidding. It is done with an in-depth study of the audience and keywords they search for most of the time.

A business website can expect good traffic if automated bidding is done properly. Advertisers and digital marketing specialists study the keywords and the trend of customers’ necessity in a particular region. However, automated bidding, if wrongly implemented, can only lead to loss of capital.

8. “Being Flexible”

In cases of advertising on both digital and traditional mediums, flexibility is the need of the hour. Irrespective of whether the advertisers work on the digital or traditional medium, they need to learn from the current situation and attract customers for an organization.

Moreover, the advertisers are joining different webinars and workshops to gain practical knowledge about taking the right strategies on digital ads.

Further, they are being flexible in terms of the budget. Most of them look for the most affordable means of advertising. You must be aware about avoiding such means of both online and offline ads that are expensive. However, companies that relate to the digital work exclusively can seamlessly publish ads anywhere.

Final Word

The current pandemic situation has completely changed the shade of every market. Advertisers are rapidly taking the above-mentioned strategies to sustain the business. Their primary work is to deal with the customers and give them knowledge regarding commodities and services.

In order to complete the work properly, advertisers need to track the audience and check if all the aspects fulfill the customers’ necessity. Many advertisers take an interactive approach where customers can contribute to advertisements.